Khamenei rejected Maliki's trial

Baghdad/Iraq News Network reported the Iranian leader's Adviser for International Affairs, Ali Akbar Velayati, the Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, warning Tehran of attempting to provide Vice President former Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to court for his trial on charges of crime and corruption during his term of sentence in Iraq for eight years. The report cited "location awareness" funded by Khamenei Advisor (Ali Akbar Velayati) letter, Velayati said that "during the past two days, telephone contacts with the Shiite political leaders including Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al-Hakim warned of seeking to make Al-Maliki to trial." The news agency described "tasnim" funded by the IRGC of revolutionary guards, Nuri al-Maliki that "Arab Islamic leader beyond Iraq," adding that Nada Chairman, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and that without its policies for occupied as "Wahhabis" all regions year Iraq and Syrian front collapsed and the weak axis of reluctance. as described The Agency said in its analytical essay entitled "what the Iranians do not read strategists sees some Iraqis?" came a day after the Iraqi Parliament's decision to ratify a package of reforms include the abolition of the position of Al-Maliki as Vice President, Al-Maliki: "one of the main electrodes and impedance resistance front in the region."
The Agency returned to Al-Maliki's visit to Tehran last November, saying that "religious and official attention and media, Al-Maliki and his visit was beyond the official position and his party; but within comprehensive strategy for the region look Arabic,"
adding that what it called "a significant strategic dimension discovered by Iranians in Al-Maliki's personal role and position does not want most Iraqi political factions that they see;Including some parties Dawa party led by Al-Maliki. "
The Agency found that the Iranians "understand in depth the nature of historical rare sacrifice made by Al-Maliki, that Iraq and rescued through his shi'is and axis resistance the whole historical disaster; she will transform Iraq into a fierce civil war does not end until after the burns Centre and South, occupying every Sunni areas, Kurdistan declares independence. And break down the Syrian front and weaken the resistance axis spearheaded by Iran. "
The Agency concluded by referring to the qualities that describe Khamenei by Maliki and his praise of him saying this certificate which said "some Iraqis do not want to read" the dimensions are "legit and accurate strategic calendar of major religious reference mabsout hand gives Mr. Maliki deserves appreciation and reverence and praise".
It is worth noting that Iran was among the most prominent backers of Al-Maliki in the past years, and the latter was forced to leave his post by mid-August 2014 after a political crisis exacerbated by the background stretched organize daash "in many areas of the North of the country.
Political currents and draws popularity Maliki athmat directly to the waste of billions of dollars of public money in addition to its responsibility for the collapse of the security situation in several provinces.
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