Washington: the division of Iraq is not within our policy and we support his government's sovereign

It confirmed the United States, its support for Iraq's unity and sovereignty over its territory. A spokesman for the US State Department John Kirby, in a reply to a question about remarks Chief of Staff, US Army Gen. Raymond Odierno, which stated that the division of Iraq may be the only solution to the problems being experienced currently, "Certainly that's not our policy nor our point of view and not our vision for the future Iraq to which we aspire. " "We continue to support the Iraqi government in Baghdad, led by Prime Minister al-Abadi, and we try to assist them as they confront the real challenges in his country, and we support a sovereign government in Iraq and is the only government that we support." Kirby described Odierno's comments as "personal views." He was the chief of staff of the US Army Gen. Ray Oderno- shops to Althad- said the first on Wednesday, at a news conference at the Pentagon that "reconciliation between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq more difficult, considering that the division of this country," may be the only solution "to settle the dispute sectarian torn.
He said Odierno, who served as commander of US forces in Iraq for two terms [2003 -2004] and [2007-2008] Asked about the chances of reconciliation between the two communities "This is becoming more and more difficult day after day," expected to Iraq in the future. " It will not be similar to what it was in the past. "
In response to a question about "the possibility of the division of this country," he said, "I think it's return to the region, to political figures and diplomats to see how this matter is that is going on, but this is can happen, and this may be the only solution, but I'm not yet ready to confirm it." .
For his part, expressed the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Thursday, was surprised by General Raymond Odierno's remarks.
He said in a statement received by [where], this statement "statement is irresponsible and reflects the ignorance of Iraqi reality and that the Iraqis are sacrificing in order to strengthen the unity of their country and defend it and they are going to make major reforms restore Iraq's glory and its originality and achieves overwhelming victory on Daash and its agents" .anthy