Infallible: will be watching the implementation of reforms and the positions of high officials to abandon nationality acquired

President of the Republic Fuad Masum, said he will monitor the implementation of the first reforms approved by the Council of Ministers package and voted on by the House of Representatives last Tuesday. He said infallible, in a televised face speech to the Iraqi people, "at this special stage through which Iraq in the face of political, security, economic and service challenges facing the state, legislative, executive and judicial their authorities, we are a position of responsibility before God and the people and the commitment to the dictates of us and constitutional duties, I want to express to you via this word from our position on that seen in the political process of developments on several levels. " "On the level of anti-corruption and the corrupt repeat my position hard and supportive and continued to the demands of the fight against corruption in all its forms," ​​and urged the government and the House of Representatives and other relevant bodies that "does not stop at this point to cancel some of the political positions, administrative or reduced extraordinary expenses", urging them to "adopt a comprehensive strategy in the fight against corruption, which has become the scourge facing the building of the Iraqi state no less seriousness about the dangers Daash terrorist gangs. "
The infallible on "the need for the committees charged with investigating the files of corruption seriously full and professionalism, and the exercise of their duties transparently and carefully, and show the Iraqi people what findings and action taken on the allocation of the corrupt to justice".
He continued, "I want to applaud our sons who came out in protest demonstrations expression of the conscience of the people and the dismay of most state institutions failed in the previous and current phases of the poor services and lack of it sometimes," noting, "I wish to express deep pleasure for your efforts in the establishment of opinion and national general agonist forcing officials to listen to the legitimate demands ".
He called the legislative and executive branches at all levels of the federal and local governments to "do their utmost to respond to the legitimate demands of citizens and implementation of procedures to by a quick service and economic problems real and fast processors."
He noted the President of the Republic that "at a time to welcome the first reforms approved by the council of Ministers and the House package, I assure full respect for these decisions as approved by the representatives of the people and I will monitor their implementation, as I and through constitutional powers As a charge of ensuring the protection of the Constitution and its application, I'll do the principle of executive control He urged the relevant authorities to promote their duties to the people, because we us on ourselves since we received the responsibility to respect the need for reforms and the fight against corruption, a demand that was less consistently by us in the meetings of the three presidencies and in other political forums. "
He noted that "in terms of our representation of the Iraqi state, we initiated since the first day to give up British citizenship acquired that we hold them as the struggle against the dictatorship extinct, and here I call on all officials who Itboooon a senior position in the state to give up any acquired nationality, in addition to the adoption of this principle in the Constitution, it is the issue of respect for the demands of public opinion to do so. "
He announced the endorsement of the "penalty decrees that were accumulated in the presidency of previous years for many reasons," praising "the sacrifices of our armed forces from the army, the police and the Peshmerga and the crowd People's Volunteers and the tribes."
The House of Representatives has approved Tuesday, a majority on the first package of governmental and parliamentary reforms in response to the directives of the Supreme religious authority and the demands of the demonstrators, which included abolishing positions of major Congress of the Republic and the ministers, and the feminine ministries and agencies to increase efficiency in government work and reduce costs, and open the files of corruption and other items that It received Bhzmte reforms. End