Demonstrators are demanding in pure activate the principle of "Where did you get

Several hundred residents of Khalis in the province of Diyala , on Friday, calling for activating the principle of "Where did you get this" and check the causes of inflation profile officials fortunes and work to make radical reforms within the judiciary. He was confident Hassan, one of the participants in the demonstration, in an interview with Alsumaria News , he said that "hundreds of people of Khalis (15 km north of Baquba ) came out in a peaceful demonstration in the washer canisters amid the courts to claim activating principle Where did you get this, check Assab inflation local profile officials fortunes and make radical changes in the executive Establishments leading to the treatment of financial corruption and Alra. " Hassan added, "The demonstrators demanding an extensive investigation in pure budgets file for the years past and audit the workers' salaries daily Bajaur in pure municipality and speed up the resolution of the martyrs and the injured rights file," stressing that "the demonstration were not politicized, partisan, but came in accordance with the national framework crossing a sense of the need to change. " Hundreds of residents of Baquba, they went out in a demonstration in front of Diyala council building to demand reforms and address the financial and administrative corruption. %25D8%25B1%25D9%2588%25D9%2586-%25D9%2581%25D9%258A-%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25AE%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584 %25D8%25B5-%25D9%258A%25D8%25B7%25D8%25A7%25D9%2584%25D8%25A8 %25D9%2588%25D9%2586-%25D8%25A8%25D8%25AA%25D9%2581%25D8%25B9%25D9%258A %25D9%2584-%25D9%2585%25D8%25A8%25D8%25AF%25D8%25A3-%25D9%2585/ar