Mass change: We are with the devolution of power in the region and reject its survival, however, one person for a long time

MP from the parliamentary bloc of change, Kawa Mohamed, said his bloc with the power properly trading in the region, noting that it "refuses to survival, however, one person for a long time." He said Kawa told all of Iraq [where] we are "with the parliamentary system and the rotation of power properly in the region, and all Kurdish parties have convergent views on converting Altzam to parliamentary and not to hold any person in power and not just Barzani." He added that "we are against the survival of positions for one person for long periods," noting that "the position of Massoud Barzani continued presidency of the province 10 consecutive years," he said. "There is a law in the Kurdistan region to prevent his candidacy again."
He noted that "the Kurdistan Parliament must be the reference and be an arena for dialogue and deliberations Kurdish blocs representing the people," noting that "the presidency of the province will open the door of the nomination for the presidency of the region and there will be candidates and elections."

The row between the political forces in the Kurdistan region about planned in the current 20-up presidency of the province elections with the introduction of each of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and the list of change and the Islamic parties of Kurdistan bills determine the validity of the region's president and his deputy, as it seeks to transform the system of government in Kurdistan to parliamentary and not presidential.
This difference was reflected clearly in the regional parliament session, which was held on 23 June last block where the Democratic Party pulled out of the meeting with the parties to provide the rest of the project define the powers of president of the region, before compatibility get it.
The Kurdish movement for change [Curran] announced a proposal to the Kurdistan Democratic Party Barzani extend the mandate of two years, to the end of the age of the regional parliament, out of the crisis presidency of the province, near the end of its mandate and set a date for holding the elections in 20 of Ab.anthy