Puzzle travel to al-Maliki arrived in Tehran .. .. has not arrived yet

Iran-Iraq-Presse -14 August / August: Iraqi writer and political analyst based in Tehran Zine El Abidine al-Haidari, said Friday, "The Vice President of the Republic of former Prime Minister, Nuri al-Maliki will arrive in Tehran on Sunday to participate in the General Assembly meeting of the Federation of radio stations and the Islamic televisions" . The statement comes Haidari to violate altogether novel former deputy cleric Ayad Jamal al-Din, who said in a tweet on "Twitter", on Thursday, that "al-Maliki arrived in Tehran with a number of leaders of state law." He said: "I do not know why some people admire the arrival of al-Maliki or non-arrival to Tehran." And Jamal al-Din attacked the ruling parties in Iraq, said, "The al-Maliki and al-Abadi and parties of political Islam all Nspthm Shiite Iran, al-Maliki and a group of leaders of the Shiite alliance conducting extensive discussions in Tehran with Iranian officials. In contrast to the so-Haidari he said in a statement to news agency "Mehr" Iranian that "al-Maliki will start his visit to Iran, next Sunday, and will be meeting with a number of senior Iranian officials, including supreme leader of the country, Ali Khamenei, and Secretary of the Supreme Council of the Iranian National Security, Ali Shamkhani ".
Iraqi writer did not give any details about al-Maliki get the green light from the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to visit Iran, especially since the latter issued, last Monday, a decree banning al-Maliki and other officials from traveling after the rise in the pace of popular protests demanding accountability for the corrupt.

Saadoun said Colonel Mohammed al-Musawi, in a timely manner, that "al-Abadi decided to travel ban on Iraqi state officials accused of corruption, as instructed to close airports in front of all those responsible."

According to al-Moussawi, the "Abadi instructed to ban travel by air and land to officials of the Iraqi state to those who are the rank of director and above, until the completion of the special files of corruption investigations have been opened recently," noting that "al-Abadi also instructed to freeze the seven senior officials of movement and prevent them from traveling outside the country "

And come Maliki's visit to Tehran under the hot political atmosphere that Iraq is going through because of the escalation of popular protests demanding his resignation and his trial, as decided prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi, last Sunday, the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Cabinet, also ordered the owners to vacate his residence in Baghdad.

He warned the Iranian Supreme Leader for International Affairs Ali Akbar Velayati, Abadi, of trying to provide al-Maliki to the judiciary for his trial on charges of financial corruption during his rule in Alarac.anthy (1)