Zamili: I will announce Saturday the fall of Mosul and senior politician convicted Report equipped Hamayate against me [expanded]

[Baghdad-where] President of the Special Parliamentary Committee to investigate the detection of the fall of the city of Mosul, however Daash terrorist gangs in June 2014 his intention to announce the final report of the events of this weekend.

The governor Zamili told all of Iraq [where] "I will announce the report on Saturday or next Sunday, the condemnation of a great political figure."
He denied Zamili what was attributed to him that he "told the name of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki that he is responsible for the fall of Mosul," but said "the presence of a prominent figure The task Mdanih events and tried more than once by pressing it to delete its name from the report, but can not affect that Ttnini for uncovering the facts of the Iraqi people. "

He revealed Zamili that "this personal has printed a thousand poster in one of Baghdad presses are scheduled to carry Friday to creating and processing a number of protections these personal for the purpose of pressure to delete her name from the report of the Commission of Inquiry the fall of Mosul. "
He also revealed "the arrest of the owner of the printing press and admitted the case is now in the internal intelligence, In his testimony have said that someone came and gave me a sum and asked me to print 1000 poster against of quitting ".

However, head of the security and defense committee in Parliament by saying "to know this person that he even came one million demonstrators not Atnini for fact-finding report I will submit to the courts for being evidence incriminating."

The Zamili threatened Thursday to raise the report on the fall of the city of Mosul to the public prosecution in the event of conflict continued between members of the committee, "adding that" the fall of Mosul, a file will be forwarded to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the demand that will be reading the report session open and navigate through a live broadcast to the Iraqi people. "

He also revealed "sabotage scheme to disturb the course of the mass demonstrations led by one of leaders of political blocs in order to cover up security and service failure and waste of public money throughout the period of the previous state government. "

The Zamili, announced on 30 July, for the completion of his committee writing the final report on the events of the fall of the city, however, the terrorist Daash gangs in June 2014.

He said in a statement received by [where], "The final report has been written once and for all and consists of a hundred paper and we will present in the coming days to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives to read it in a special session and referred the public prosecution and the judiciary," stressing that "the Commission will follow up the case until the final determination of which by the judiciary, and will not allow pressure the decision will be taken against those convicted according to the report which we will present the prosecution and judiciary, which we trust his integrity. " It ended 2