Parliamentary Finance's (et): Parliament canceled a 19 billion dinars allocated to members

By Emad Mohammed

01 o'clock 08.14.2015

Brother - and Sam Mullah
Detection of the parliamentary finance committee member Husam punitive "The House of Representatives voted to cancel the amount of 19 billion dinars was intended for members to improve living within the budget for 2015 in parliament."

He said punitive in a statement singled out by the reporter for News Agency et al) has been the practice in the previous sessions of the allocation of material amounts to the members of the council, at the beginning of the session to improve living, adding that "the House of Representatives in the current session did not receive the amount in solidarity with the lack of imports and the financial crisis experienced by Iraq ".

He explained that the share of each deputy 50 000 US dollars, equivalent to more than 55 million dinars, adding that most of the members of the House of Representatives voted to cancel the amount and turn it into the popular crowd and displaced persons. "
Parliament voted on Thursday to cancel its allocations to improve the living and you spend one-time through the entire legislative session, the Council decided to return these funds to the state treasury and allocated to the popular crowd and displaced persons .