Fatlawi denies rumors prevent them from traveling and not to vote on the reform package

Since 14/08/2015 13:46 pm (Baghdad time)

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Chairman denied the will of the MP Hanan al movement, on Friday, Maitnaqlh some websites of rumors about not vote on the reform package and a decision to stop her from traveling.

She Fatlawi in a statement received / scales News / copy of it, he was "a few days ago and some of the one of the blocks yellow sites" such as site Jakoj and site on the eighth day "and some politicized page sustained campaign spin and miscarriage against it, indicating that they" beg false rumors "is once they say was issued against me travel ban and once they say may not vote on the reforms and once again say the money transferred to the United Arab Emirates "afterthought say" landing moral them arrived they published a picture of Sheikh Marwan the powerful brother martyr illiteracy Jabara, a honoureth me with their shield and they say that Saudi while the image of the martyr and clear on the shield and the presence of aunt Martyr very clear it in my office. "

She explained, "it announced its position on the case of announcing reforms and" I said I would be the first voting, and actually I was the first voting, and recording session and lists of attendance and absenteeism official said that. "

Denying what has been "published an order to prevent the travel of where I am deputy and I am not the Minister or Deputy Minister or the Prime Minister to be my financial disclosure, I'm one of the first House of Representatives who provide reveal their financial interests and this Matincrh Integrity Commission each year, noting that" the issue of transfer of funds are the same lie that they declared three years ago and no one to believe her naivety and the lack of bank or person by that name and can easily make sure through UAE banks and the fact that evidence does not have a bank in the world announced the names of its clients. "

She called Fatlawi, to "pay attention to these suspicious sites and the failure to adopt Maasdr them or handed down, it became open to all and open from the party that stands behind them pointing out that" only what is published on the front page of official documented by the Department of "Facebook" the more than million subscribers represents their positions and Ariha, pointing to the presence of a large number of counterfeit thread on its behalf ".anthy 29/28