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BAGHDAD / Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network (IMN) - Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Economy and Investment parliamentary Harith al-Harthy said that former officials in the Ministry of Industry and Minerals are responsible for the decline of its work and embezzlement of big money from them because of her previous corrupt administration.

He said Muthanna province Council earlier, he referred five local companies belonging to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals files to the Integrity Commission, due to the lag-winning work in those companies.

He said Al-Harthy's (IMN) that "the reason for the decline of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals is the lack of a clear strategy to promote their projects, as well as the former military manufacturing companies should Alathl but turning to companies Civil manufacturing serve the resources the government and meet the needs of industrialization in the country."

The Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary Earlier, it should be on the government and the Ministry of Industry and Minerals activation of military industries in Iraq again, to support the security forces and the crowd popular weapons and gear and other military equipment, to reduce dependence on external sources of armament.

Harthy said that "hidden hands are still manipulating the work of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals projects aimed at corruption and theft of funds its projects."

He continued that "the Ministry of Industry to reorganize its projects and its work after the allocation of government grant her a 2 trillion dinars, as it must be taken advantage of experts and technicians Iraqis to develop their projects instead of this amount goes to corrupt, as has happened in past years."

The investment authorities in the provinces continues to coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Minerals to create a suitable platform for investment opportunities in the industrial sector, and benefit from the experiences that comprise the ministry to complete their investment projects.

From: Walid al-Zaidi, edit: Charter Shafiq