State law, asserting that it stands with the government and parliament to implement reforms

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08/13/2015 17:49

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: called for a coalition of state law, on Thursday, the political blocs to stand with the prime minister Haider al-Abadi for the implementation of the reforms package, saying he was standing with the government and the House of Representatives for the rapid emergence of achievement and practical results of the reforms.

The MP said the coalition, Abbas al-Bayati told a news conference at the House of Representatives and attended "tomorrow Press," that the "coalition of the State of Law coalition Adguet an important meeting in the presence of the President of the Coalition and the Prime Minister and President of the parliamentary bloc, as well as the chairmen and vice Memkonat within the coalition, on Wednesday," noting that "The meeting was important and which the new coalition, its support of Ebadi and the reform plans."

He added that "the state law said he stood with the government and the House of Representatives for the rapid achievement and the emergence of the practical consequences of the reforms", stressing that "the bloc stressed the need to give a chance to Ebadi to implement reforms package, as there will be in the future other packages of reform."

He pointed out that "the demands of the demonstrators achieved a large part of its goals," noting that "the message of protesters have arrived.";ة-