Urgent in light of the deteriorating political situation .. Maliki Son "Hamoudi" Finnish citizenship and enjoy a second wife to ensure citizenship!
Date: Thursday 13.08.2015

A source close to the relevant Iraqi Embassy in Finland that "Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki, the son of Vice President of the Republic article Nuri al-Maliki held on the first Tuesday married citizenship Finnish citizenship."
The source, who declined to be identified for Mqrepetth of ambassador, "said Ahmed al-Maliki arrived in Finland, tied the knot on daughter businessman Iraqi expatriate in Finland Sami Kubba. "
And that "al-Maliki son will receive Finnish citizenship by virtue of his marriage to the Finnish daughter Iraqi businessman expatriate and winning the Finnish citizenship Sami Kubba."
He had revealed a source familiar with the earlier rejection of the French authorities to approve to grant the son of former Prime Minister and Vice President of the Republic current Nuri al-Maliki (Ahmed), asylum in France.
The source said that "al-Maliki son named (Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki) asked the French authorities earlier, the approval of his application for asylum in their own state."
The source confirmed who has not been named, said "the French authorities refused to grant al-Maliki, the son of asylum", returned it as a "expel him."
He said that "after the rejection of the French authorities Ahmed al-Maliki to grant asylum in the state, decided to resort to the State of Finland and their demand for granting Finnish nationality, by virtue of the lack of asylum requests, and easy for him to hide in the case of stirring the files of corruption relating to his father and their followers by the Iraqi judiciary and international courts. "
He had published the French newspaper Le Figaro, news sooner that provide the son of the former prime minister and vice president of current president, called Ahmed Nouri al-Maliki, a refuge for one of the European countries.
The newspaper said that "al-Maliki's son presented his identity papers, attached to his application for asylum in the State of Finland, asking them to granting Finnish citizenship as soon as possible."
According to the paper that "the request son of the former prime minister, came in secret through one of accredited mediators between the two governments", He pointed out that "there is pressure exercised by the politicians prominent in the Iraqi government on the Finnish government to accept this request as soon as possible."
crossed the paper indignation of this procedure, describing them as "politicians do not bear responsibility, and do not feel the threat to their country the size, and all interested Escape to the outside, after he earned it from the wrong policies. "
The newspaper published a picture of an Iraqi fighter of the popular crowd supporting the security forces of the Iraqi army and police, in one hand Fallujah battles of Anbar province, and beside her semi-fictional image shows the luxury experienced by the Vice-President of the Republic of Iraq Nuri al-Maliki family .
The newspaper said that "This is not the first attempt to politicians, the Iraqi government who intend to escape from their responsibility as earned Iraq of mismanagement," indicating that "if it does not exaggerate, most of the families of politicians are living a luxurious life outside Iraq, with the poor and needy of the Iraqi people sacrifice for their land occupied by terrorist organizations. "
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