Parliament review the membership Mishan Jubouri health

The Board of Deputies, in its regular day, a review of the membership of the Arab coalition MP Mishan al-Jubouri's controversial health.
According to a parliamentary source told all of Iraq [where] that "the Presidency of the Council of Representatives referred the membership MP Jubouri file to the parliamentary legal committee for review." It is said that the House of Representatives had voted several times on the lack of membership MP Mishan al-Jubouri, the health of the existence of quasi-academic in his testimony, in the Federal Court rejected the appeals Introduction membership. The Presidency of the Council of Representatives, decided at a session of Parliament from 26 last May to cancel membership Jubouri deputy in Parliament, for not having a certificate of study for the preparatory phase to be provided in the nomination elections, according to a letter from the Electoral Commission, which has decided to sue him to falsify his testimony tuition.
The overturned the Electoral Judicial Panel on Federal Court of Cassation two days after 28 of the same month this decision of the Commission and promised "not correct". The House of Representatives held its regular Thursday and his agenda includes presentation of the Federal Court decisions on membership Alnwab.anthy some health 2