Chairman of the Integrity: We formed committees to monitor the performance of inspection ministries and inspectors general and we are working to resolve the issues of corruption

Integrity Committee headed by MP Talal Zobaie and the presence of members hosted on Wednesday, 12/08/2015 gentlemen judges the integrity of the judicial proceedings in order to discuss and speed up the resolution of a cross to eliminate laws and legislation to ensure an end to corruption in state institutions issues. MP Talal Zobaie Chairman of the Committee that it was agreed during the Committee's meeting on the formation of field committees of the members of the Committee to conduct a surprise inspection visits to monitor the performance of government ministries and inspectors general in those ministries. The MP Zobaie that the Integrity Committee will evaluate the work of the inspectors general and submit a recommendation to dismiss the inspectors for negligence in the performance of their duty.
On a related matter, the Integrity Committee judges of integrity hosted to discuss the judicial procedures and how to overcome obstacles and procedures that prevent speeding up the resolution of cases in the courts of integrity.

Where he was to discuss the results of cases referred to the Integrity Commission for the current session and previous sessions as well as the need to eliminate legislation so as to contribute in fulfilling the tasks assigned to them.

During the meeting, it was addressed to the contracts and invitations to companies and irregularities in these contracts and invitations and to discuss amendments to the Integrity Commission Act No. (30) of 2011 and the coordination mechanism between the administrative inquiry issued by the Office of the Inspector General and gentlemen judges to achieve fairness.

Chairman of the Integrity Commission, and stressed that the Commission is determined to provide squatters on public money to spend and recover money stolen by corrupt and achieve legislative oversight role and to meet the demands of the demonstrators.