Vice President of the House of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, strongly condemns the criminal bombing of civilians in the day (Alwa beautiful) central Baghdad and denounces
8/13/2015 0 Comments

Strongly condemned the deputy head of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Iaram Sheikh Mohammed, the criminal bombing of the day of innocent civilians in the (beautiful Alwa) center of the capital Baghdad, and called for sovereignty to further efforts by the security services and stand seriously to diagnose the defect at the repeated terrorist bombings and the search for radical solutions and re consideration of security plans and reviewed by leaders fields in order to secure the lives and property of citizens. Also condemned Sheikh Mohammed, the strongest condemnation of these criminal acts committed by the infidels terrorist groups and affect the lives of citizens without any guilt phrases, stressing at the same time that these terrorist operations will not hinder the process of political reform, and He has made ​​his condolences to the families of the martyrs and their families and wished speedy recovery for the wounded.
Information Office of the Vice President of the House of Representatives
Thursday, 8/13/2015