Hack .. not there - Entries - Abdul Zahra Talqani

I almost liken the case with some state departments when handed over employees' salaries damaged currencies this common ideals (Hack .. not there) these Fmaznb to receive part of their salaries currencies torn and damaged and can not be traded in the market, and seen it attaches to escape .. already written an article and publish on the pages of this newspaper entitled "to destroy the damaged" We had a negative phenomenon affecting the movement of cash in Iraq, but a damaged and the large number of currencies traded in the market. We proposed withdrawing from the Iraqi Central Bank in charge of monetary policy in Iraq and currency trading, then blending can be exchanged for a new criticism, and we pointed out then that the damaged currency is rejected or received by vendors in addition to being one of the sovereign symbols like the flag and national anthem must show the proper manner .
Indeed, the Central Bank to inject new currencies of categories (1000-500-250) dinars have had a positive impact on the market and the renewal of the currency, in addition to the desire citizen Bagtnaiha and handled, but another phenomenon emerged as a delivery state employees damaged and torn and Mthrip currencies as part of the salary Monthly, and ask them not to object as if the salaries of employees ((Attia)) and ((honor)) at no charge, something to surprise and wonder, Is that top officials receive salaries of such currency? .. Is it that these currencies disposal of the central bank actually or there Another issue behind them ..
Information indicates that there are differences in price and that there is behind the receipt of these currencies commission estimated at 30 thousand dinars for each million, and these amounts unforeseen could reach three million dinars per month in some of the ministries that characterized cadre career high, and thus intervention in the door of financial and administrative corruption .. This phenomenon has negative returns on citizens with limited income exclusively, those counted salary Dinara Dinara, and AT damaged coins may directly affect the family budget, with suffering and discharged traded against vendors hesitation in accepting, as noted.
Is required from the Central Bank of Iraq to withdraw these coins from circulation and tighten his machine monitoring to follow up on these cases and to hold the banks that acted those currencies for the salaries of state employees .. and uncles on the official institutions not to receive it, but the central bank opened a window for receiving damaged currencies and torn and desolated, where it can This window become a candidate, "filter" for the survival of the currency, acceptable and renewed focus of respect for the citizen.
The notional value of the Iraqi currency is sometimes worth more than purchasing so we have to operate the institution concerned subject to increase citizen pride and raise their suffering when circulation and avoid underestimated. This if we know that the currencies of small groups are exposed to damage to the large circulation, and it strengthened the poor, and the source of their food and their needs basic, and no one from the social classes lavish handles, so it becomes incumbent on them to take into account the source of livelihood of these layers and restoring the dignity of the Iraqi currency.