Iraqi ports receive 100 ship carrying consumer materials

8/13/2015 0:00

Transportation: processed marine machining within the Japanese loan
Baghdad Batoul al-Hassani
proceed with contracting with the Ministry of Transport companies on the country's ports equipped marine craft of Japanese contract assignments, work the middle of next year, at a time when the ministry revealed that exceeded the number of vessels marine inflows and units to ports, 100 over the past two months and present. Spokesman of the General Company for Ports of Iraq affiliated to the ministry Anmar net between in a special interview with the "morning": that the company had entered into during the month of July, two contracts for the processing of special spare parts Marine machining within the Japanese loan projects allocations, with the two (Rose Royce (f) Aaretrak Katrppler).
He stressed that the two companies Stbeshran materials processing decades the middle of next year, in 2016, a reference to determine that date that the two sides had agreed at the time to be a direct two contracts after the date of six months from the date Abramanma passage. Safi pointed out that the contract with the company (Rose Royce) worth 889 thousand dollars is the third of six contracts to be concluded with companies for the processing of vessels that have been built on the Japanese loan account in the first stage, reminding that the ports had signed two former with my company (Anamar (f) Cutter PLR), adding that the second contract with the company (Aaretrak - Katrppler) was intended to equip the ports private marine machining backup materials within the Japanese loan projects worth 1.291 million dollars for a period of six months, noting that the contract is the second within six similar entered into by The company is listed on the Japanese loan from the surplus on the first phase amounts.
In the same context, between spokesman of ports that more than 100 steamer ship arrived at the Iraqi ports during the month of July last and the first quarter of the current month and from different nationalities and various payloads ranging from food and fuel and cement as well as rebar.
Carter said the Iraqi ports had been received during the first half of the year in 1185 and naval unit included trading ships and tankers and fuel in addition to the units of the trailer, and a total cargo 841 thousand and 698 tons, including container, wheat, sugar, rice, equipment and vehicles and iron in addition to timber and cement and construction materials, as well as pipelines and goods Almtnoah.okan Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi, had confirmed in a statement the "morning" "the importance of building an Iraqi ports according to a new vision mimic the international ports." He said al-Zubaidi: "The vision for the work of the Iraqi ports is embodied in the construction of seven new ports on the accordance with international standards contribute to the increase of state resources and achieve a high flow of trade in the occupied Iraq because of the geographical position linking the East and West of the world.