Parliamentary Advocacy: Maliki supports reforms Abadi and unkept between them

Besides meeting of a coalition of state law yesterday
Denied head of the parliamentary bloc of the Dawa Party were part of the coalition of state law Abdul Samad behind the existence of any differences between the coalition chairman Nuri al-Maliki, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on reforms that came out of the last package to meet the demands of the Iraqi people and the search of the religious authority, Said Abdul Samad in a statement to Radio Marbad that the rumors about this matter is only lies and attempts led some political opponents to tarnish the image of the coalition to the public, pointing out that what is transferred through the TV screens and meetings that take place between the blocks within the coalition the best evidence to support the rule of law reforms approved by the Prime Minister. He said Abdul Samad that the regular meeting that leaders of the blocks in the coalition gathering, including al-Maliki in his capacity as head of the coalition and Prime Minister al-Abadi on Wednesday night during which they discuss the demands of the demonstrators and some important laws as well as an emphasis on support steps Abadi reformist fact that the situation in Iraq needs the support of everyone, both political blocs or reference and citizens.