Abadi public campaign calling for the postponement of his trip to China to implement reforms

many journalists, writers and users of social networking pages Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi called for the postponement of his trip to China and stay in Baghdad to implement the reforms put forward by the Sunday package.
The Abadi Office announced yesterday that the Prime Minister will travel next Wednesday to China on an official visit until Friday. An official statement said that "the economic side is the most important axis in the talks, which focused on oil, energy and transport files and increase the presence of construction and the Chinese construction firms in Iraq, in addition to meet the need for Iraq to support the army and police forces in arming and training and military equipment. "
According to numerous appeals on Facebook pages that this trip at this time is not appropriate for several reasons, and it was better to defer or send his representative on the Prime Minister to China. One of them questioned "Is is reassuring to the point that leaves Iraq, however, of waging a campaign to exclude them? ".
He described one of the citizens to leave Iraq at this time the gravity of the reforms might be. Another said "We have to cancel the trip conditions are difficult and accelerated so that no one what is going on within hours. How knows Payam and I think that his presence in Iraq currently the best? ".
She appealed to citizenship Abadi, saying "for traveling professor Haider country you are and you are here more important than travel to China, although they may need to receive you are Chinese it best for us."
said one writer, "the commander insightful that does not leave Battlefield time Alazmat..mama his China visit will be solved now? Seems to Aigdr important position. "
Starter "What is the most important matter of the situation in Iraq and questioned Allow me, the prime minister said the time is not suitable and you start to apply the reforms Beshravk Profile".
But some writers have different opinion, they say that the reform process is going Balebadi or without citing directed by reference which was based upon the reforms.
He said one of the activists, "the banner of reform in the hands of their Liberation Square and reference and no one can raise his eye. .okl One of the corrupt wants today that "delivers Brichath" reassured.
Another said: Iraq where the Constitution and the law and are not tied to a particular individual Yes we may need the presence of the Prime Minister currently being who has taken reform decisions a CEO in the country but there are institutions in the state can administration itself. "
and met with large and bold reforms issued by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and approved by parliament this week welcomed popularly while the Iraqi street, waiting for more of them, especially with the government's announcement of the existence of a new package of reforms "will see the light soon."
He stressed Abadi, yesterday, that "the process Reform will continue and walk out with full force and we will strike with an iron fist on the corrupt, "adding that" the process will not be easy, but painful and corrupt will not be silenced, and the owners of privileges will not be silenced, but we are going to proceed to another task in the fight against the corrupt and repair the situation and will not defend corrupt or invalid ".anthy