National Alliance calls for the elimination submit his paper reform

Baghdad Shaima Rashid
National Alliance called for the judiciary to submit his paper reformist broadcast reassurance that the judiciary is capable of providing justice to be the basis for judgment, stressing that the reforms made ​​by the government and parliament package will not be effective and influential unless coincides with judicial reforms package.
He said the National Alliance MP Ibrahim Bahr al-Ulum, told a news conference with the participation of a number of deputies from the coalition and attended the "morning", that "reform packages submitted by the executive and legislative branches lacked other basic package, a judicial reform package," and urged "the Judicial Council to expedite the provision of Hzmth reform to reassure people that the judiciary is capable of providing justice which is the basis of governance ".
Bahr al-Ulum pointed out that "ensure the continuation of the reform of solidarity responsibility for the first two factors the ability of the people to continue to control aimed to achieve change, and the second the ability of the political blocs in their interaction with the reform programs," calling on the parliamentary blocs to "hard coordination among them and exceptionally for the implementation and papers reform within ceilings specified time ".
He urged the Bahr al-Ulum parliamentary bloc, members of the largest on the "investment opportunity and speed to take serious steps for (institutionalization) Alliance and the development of mechanisms required to turn it into an effective institution participates in the State Administration positively to fulfill the aspirations of their constituents, from the responsibility of national National Alliance and ensure that the check reform programs tangible results detected in the citizen at the earliest opportunity. "
He stressed Uloum the need for the "National Alliance forces undertakes to commence real steps to do the role of the Alliance in institutional owns strategies and planning and monitoring mechanisms in building the guarantor of national interest of the Iraqi state and to develop an internal system that ensures real broad participation of its members in the selection of its leaders and its committees and drawing policies and decision-making." D%3D97952&sandbox=1