Protesters and activists civilians: the success of the reforms depends Abadi Medhat al-Mahmoud to dismiss the head of judicial corruption

He protesters and activists on social networking pages that any success of the reforms taken by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is subject to disqualify the President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Medhat al-Mahmoud Protector corrupt judiciary, which work on the politicized protect his protégé Nuri al-Maliki and kissed him justification for the decisions of the former regime of Saddam Hussein.

The demonstrators and activists that the tragedy of Iraq lies in this corrupt judiciary, which sits on his head Mahmoud, who was its resolutions and ordinances during the years after the change and since that eye his current position of the ruling Civil former US for Iraq, Paul Bremer, a major cause of protecting the corrupt and looters and squatters on public right.

Abadi and called for a bold decision last oust the head of Al-Mahmoud and transmits it to a fair judiciary for the crime of the politicization of the judiciary contrary to the constitution which provides for the integrity and independence.

It is known that Mahmoud veteran judge work with governors took turns on power in Iraq since the time of former President Abdul Salam Aref down to Saddam Hussein before the US-appointed judicial officials will.

Mahmood has worked under the former regime, Director General of the Department of execution, as general manager to take care of minors, and chairman of the Memorandum of Understanding on the oil-for-food in the Ministry of Justice, and a member of the Central Bank of court notorious which was supervised by Abed Hammoud secretary of the ousted president and a representative of the Presidium of Saddam In Endowments Authority, and Chairman of the State Council on the orders of the Presidential Office for the very change in the ninth of April 2003.

It is the most important services of former President Saddam Hussein was legal adviser to him for three years, and an adviser in the cabinet of the former regime for several years and a lecturer in Saddam Law School work, and while working in the Office of the President received a decree from Saddam Hussein to his appointment as a judge in the Court of Cassation, unlike the laws in force and Conditions required, any exception to the conditions (for his great services) to the Office of the President, and after the completion of the legal age positive for transmission to retirement has obtained an extension of his service for other years, and this is against the law and is the most people and the closest to Saddam Hussein and to his office has received periodic bonuses millions of dinars, and received several Motor car Kalopr them as gifts, and the car will realize, and super car, and the car Krona, and the granting of several times in the form of cash payments from Saddam Hussein.

It was Mahmood received from the validity of the bank mathematically to the Justice Department, and perhaps the most important best known for its personal meetings with Saddam Hussein and his appearance with him on television .. was launched Medhat al-Mahmoud phrase (Allegiance eternal) famous of the deposed president during a popular referendum in 2002, as stated in his article published with the image at the same table with Saddam Hussein in a newspaper Qadisiyah, dated October 15, 2002. He is the owner famous saying (the greatest leader of the greatest people) published in the same journal also appeared to him to meet with Saddam Hussein on the television and publishing Speaking at the newspaper numbered Revolution ( 9861) on October 3, 1999 (which is similar to Saddam and his sack Holy Prophet and considers spending in the era of Saddam Hussein is a reign of early Islam).

After 2003 after the demise of the system faster to senior officials the Americans and especially those responsible for eliminating file and the mediation of his nephew called (Sarmad) that came with the US military, a naturalized US citizen has been known to Karner and then Bremer and the acclamation of his brother in America, and his nephew, who works with the Americans, bringing to Medhat al-Mahmoud is a person of the oppressed and his feet to the Americans that he was politically separated from any system before Saddam had lied to the Americans and provided them with false information. He told them that I isolated from the judiciary has Azlna Saddam Hussein has Adthdna gave biography forged and we have a copy of this biography forged on the orders of Bremer was appointed president of the Court of Cassation and Aallmassadvh one of the ousted Saddam Hussein became the weeks after the entry Americans one of the ousted Bremer has lied to the Americans because he decree Saddam Hussein became a member of the Court of Cassation and the President of the State Consultative up to the Americans to enter Baghdad.

The decree of Bremer became the head of the Court of Cassation and the President of the Judicial Council. And eventually he became president of the Federal High Court like a quote dictatorship in the seizure of the three positions, as if Iraq lacks a professional judicial leaders and this disagreement with the law ..

Mahmood was known after the occupation participation in legislation and laws Bremer including law dangerous No. (17) for the year 2004 issued by Bremer, who gave the US military and security companies and Almtaakadian judicial immunity of any authorized them to kill Iraqis and became US forces are not subject to the Iraqi judiciary and this crime punished by Mahmoud Add Bremer to his participation in the removal of judges and the vacation for himself absolute power in exclusion and appointment according to it 35 for the year 2003 issued by Bremer.

It has been used Medhat al-Mahmoud authority granted to him by the occupation through the appointment of the wills of the corrupt and excludes wills of national after he was in the near yesterday lifted recommendations to Saddam Hussein when he was working in the office of the presidency and adjust the law as he wants the former regime has supervised the execution of many Iraqi responsibility by virtue of which was located on his shoulder and we have many in this matter files.

After he took al-Maliki as prime minister in 2006 down to 2014 lost Mahmood work on marketing Maliki decisions in violation of the laws blessed for all its decisions and actions suffered by the Iraqis two things .. and work to get away Elimination for his integrity and impartiality and the work of the politicization and place it in the wishes and whims of al-Maliki service in spoiling the state and its institutions and with it Almmeltvin with al-Maliki, who work to protect them from punishment law on their excesses and corruption and Kroqathm legal.

It confirms that the Iraqis here Abadi demands and in order to protect the back of his reforms required to be hit hard on the head of Al-Mahmoud and removes it from the Iraqi judiciary to return home in an honest and honorable service of its citizens and not ride manipulated by the ignorant rulers.