Deputy: reforms have not targeted by the partnership and skeptic object to the will of the people and reference

Counting the National Alliance MP Ahmed al-Badri, who object to government reforms, objecting to the will of the people and the religious reference, which demanded reform. He said al-Badri told all of Iraq [where], that "reforms were not targeted for partnership and balance, but it came a revolution toward rebuilding the state according to the foundations of civil and providing services for the Iraqi people, people are actually called for better service." "We reject these allegations, we do not accept such Thus remarks as the reforms included all institutions and components, did not include a component without the other because the objective of building the state away from the negative issues," adding that "it is opposed to the reforms, he objected to the Iraqi street, and people and the vision of reference which sponsored and still sponsored by the demands of the Iraqi people are all, without discrimination. "
He said al-Badri that "paper governmental and parliamentary reform voted on by the House of Representatives came the will of the street for his exit in the demonstrations included almost all the provinces, so the achievement that has been made in the House of Representatives did not materialize the will of the political blocs and parties and leaders in the political process, since this reforms came after the descent of the people into the street and revolution toward creation of reform within the country and the Iraqi state in a comprehensive and radical includes all state institutions, as well as support and blessed, and prompted by the religious authority governance as prime minister called for the creation of reforms in this direction supported the prime minister beaten with an iron fist on the spoilers who delivered the country to what it is now. " The House of Representatives had voted Minutes normal on Tuesday, which was held under the chairmanship of Salim al-Jubouri, and the presence of 297 deputies and papers on government reforms and Algnapeh.