Deputy for the National: collecting signatures to amend the Citizenship Act rather than the enactment of the double

Announced the National Alliance MP Abdul Salam al-Maliki, about to start a campaign to collect signatures in the House of Representatives and submitted to the Presidential Commission for the amendment of the Iraqi Nationality Act No. 26 of 2006, rather than legislation for dual citizenship law. Maliki said on Thursday, in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where], a copy of it, that "there is popular demands to give up those responsible for their office or second foreign nationality, therefore, the parliament being representative of the people it expedite its action to resolve this action." He added that "the new legislation will take a long time, while there are Iraqi nationality law, which pointed out in article ninth Fourth to it [is not permissible for an Iraqi who holds another citizenship acquired to assume sovereign position or security senior unless renounced that nationality]" He pointed out that "the argument of Parliament was that the paragraph above did not specify a clear definition of the term position of the sovereign, and this requires by their interpretation of the legislation law for more details on this article This is surprising because we simply we can modify the law in force and the inclusion of those definitions him to reduce the duration." He said Maliki said that "the pursuit of Parliament to legislate dual nationality law is stalling and procrastination explicit demands of the demonstrators," pointing out that "the national interest us in front of the duty to address this procrastination and start a campaign to collect signatures to demand the presidency of parliament to amend the Citizenship Act, and add a definition of the name of the post sovereign instead choose the hardest way and the longest in the legislation for the dual citizenship law. " The House of Representatives, ended in its last Tuesday, the first reading of the draft abandon acquired citizenship law officials, and the general managers and above the rank of Brigadier-General and above. It is noteworthy that, House of Representatives voted Tuesday to approve the paper reforms, which included one of its clauses, "given a choice of office holders with dual nationality between deprivation of citizenship gained and removal from the office during a period not exceeding 30 days"