Parliamentary economy reveal a tendency to launch new job opportunities and activating operating loans

Special scales News - It revealed a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib, Thursday, for initiating activating economic reforms through the launch of loans and the payment of private sector companies and the creation of new jobs and other measures.

She said Najib's / scales News /, that "economic reform requires a trend towards investment and the private sector and the payment of operating in the economic sector companies," asserting that "the committee proceeded to go to achieve these reforms in line with the paper's reform launched by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi."

She added, "There is a tendency to create new jobs and launch operational loans," pointing out that "the Committee in connection with the investment law legislation in the nearest parliamentary session".

She noted that "there is guidance from al-Abadi lifting of these measures in terms of their commitment to cell crisis and to develop mechanisms work sober."

It is said that the prime minister Haider al-Abadi launched a package of reforms, financial reforms and administrative involved, including the investment and the private sector to activate.

The House of Representatives had voted in its meeting a few days ago on that package of Aslahat.anthy / 29 / d 24