The Washington Post warns of assassination Abadi

الأربعاء 12 أغسطس 2015 | 06:08 مساء

BAGHDAD / raised and the refusal of many Iraqi politicians stigmatized corruption sometimes or squandering of public money at other times, including its representatives from positions sagging flesh government reforms and resolutions package issued by the Iraqi Prime Minister current "Haider al-Abadi" irritated and exhausted money does not already own in the time that is trying to be tighten its belt, which issued to the physical danger that may be suffered by Abadi personally because of current attitudes, which came in response to large demonstrations that took place in Iraq after the maximum of the political process, a lot of politicians who have authority over the armed ground interface or the means of enabling them to inflict harm both the security situation and Abadi personally .

This is part of what I've ever US newspapers about the demonstrations in Iraq and the subsequent government measures, where the newspaper "Washington Post" report addresses the physical danger Balebadi where Ord, quoting a lawmaker Kurdish and a member of the House of Representatives in the region, "Sirwan Cerny," saying, "We expect that there are assassination attempts, "stressing" that the events so powerful changes is not easy to Iraq, "referring to the threat posed from being excluded from the government or expose judicial corruption at a time when the political party said on the call" on the Keywords "What will get is a natural consequence "It is human nature not to give up easily when exposed to harm their interests", at a time when the US special envoy for Iraq, "Brett Mkurg" declared his support, describing the recent political events as "a sweeping initiative."

In addition, the politicians and the characters that will be excluded from the government or from their posts obtained through political sectarian quotas still have as large of power and tools that may use them in what to harm the general situation time and perhaps someone Abadi itself which is recognized by Abadi recently while said, "I will continue reforms even if it cost me my life, "as is a confirmation of the existence of a threat to the physical person Abadi itself by influential parties, a move the Washington Post that the conduct of the Khtr.anthy line 5.