He presided over a panel discussion to discuss the amnesty law President of the Parliament: Access to reconciliation is not only by arch general amnesty, which pave the way for the integration of everyone in the historical settlement initiative

The head of the House of Representatives Dr. Salim al-Jubouri said the general amnesty law for Aeptad much about campaign reform that the government and parliament have agreed to embark on the first steps was the adoption papers and governmental and parliamentary reform and that must continue and grow.

The sovereignty in a speech presided over a panel discussion to discuss the amnesty set up by the law of the Legal Committee in Parliament, on Wednesday, "to reach the desired goal of national reconciliation are not taken at all, but through the arch of the amnesty, which paves the way for the integration of everyone in the historical settlement initiative."

And between President al-Jubouri, we can not keep the oppressed and the victims affected because of the investigative and judicial errors and negligence in the audit, and the provisions on remand for long periods, but we have to put all those within the circle of the amnesty.

The sovereignty that the fairness of this slide is just a step in the way of compensation for harm suffered as a result of these errors and omissions and accounting of causing injury to them, in addition to the adoption of legislation to compensate them financially and morally, and determine the period of time for their release.

Ms. Nancy attended the meeting Deetmn delegate from the US Embassy, ​​and a number of MPs, and representatives of the Ministry of Justice and the prison, and the President of the Union of Jurists, and the captain of journalists, and a number of academics and interested parties on human rights.
The following is the text of the speech delivered by the President of the House of Representatives during the panel discussion:

In the name of Allah the Merciful

Attendees valued
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
We meet today to working up an important step of the course correction and reform in order to initiate the historical road map to get Iraq out of its crisis and the development of chronic actual solutions, realistic and bold Per our problems accumulated, including the draft general amnesty law problem.

Sisters, brothers,
Access to the desired goal of reconciliation is not at all only by arch general amnesty, which would pave the way for the integration of everyone in the historical settlement initiative, otherwise frank and clear from the question needs to pardon? , Are not they those who were involved or Rtoa or imagine they're not mistaken, or have sinned and gone and stranded to return Vtmedua in the wrong or have been prejudiced strive in a moment of recklessness and madness that they are able to restore their rights themselves or from claiming they are defending their constituents or their sects or religions or their money or Astzlhm Satan to ideas disenchanted it will lead them to what the favor and fell in forbidden and committed an act that his crime law and his wife Shara and custom, morality, and all Oolaik if available, including the intention to return to the row Almjmta, we need to provide the mechanism to promote this intention and translate them into reality It integrates all of these new life and lead them to the good and gives them a chance to correct the course of their lives.

Attendees valued
The historical circumstances and arthropod is that require thinking about resorting to a general amnesty formula for a good environment industry after a complicated phase of the nations and peoples history, an extraordinary and unnatural do not be resorted to in the habit only to be smooth for what is most important and dangerous, and it is known accordingly and with reason and law The biggest damage that pays the smallest weighting less of two evils and benevolent best creative work is the base for the treatment of painful and painful history of peoples, nations and homelands stations.
The philosophy of the amnesty is not a deliberate overtaking and lump on the rights of those affected, but is the will to overcome the stage and industry a new stage able to create an opportunity broader coexistence, and here I say quite frankly that try to find a minute in a heap crisis detail will give the actors passive ability to Taoiguena from reaching our goal the achievement of national reconciliation.

brothers and sisters
We can not in any way to keep the oppressed and affected victims because of the investigative and judicial errors and the failure to check the terms and on remand for long periods, to put all those within the general amnesty circle Vansafna them is but a step between steps in the way of compensation for damage to their as a result of those mistakes and shortcomings and I think that one of those steps in the advanced stages is accountable to cause injury to them, in addition to the adoption of the law eliminates the material and moral compensation will be payable rewarding legal considerations, but it certainly will not be rewarding what happened them from the damage the loss of years or months of ages unlawfully.

The amnesty Alqamosah translation of the words Amnesty year and the first means forgiveness, tolerance and ignoring the waiver of the right to a necessary and self-purification of Aladgan and open a new page with forgiven him and left all the consequences of material liabilities or moral, legal and drop the punishment necessary religiously and custom and law, and is intended per second which is the word "General" inclusion and assimilation and not the exception, briefing and soundly, and it boils down to for us to face the Semantic to this word go far to clarify the concept of a general amnesty that forgiveness and tolerance drops the necessary sanctions, materially and morally, in a comprehensive and generally not actually excludes or a person who meant it, and based on this concept Here I wonder, do we have full readiness to adopt this concept put to denote the fact described him? Do we have the capacity to enforce legislation to accommodate this face of the intent? How can we get to the transfer of the term of linguistic significance to the legal significance actually reflected on the intended and left.

The general amnesty law is not far behind on reform campaign which the government coincided Parliament to initiate them and was its first step yesterday adoption papers governmental and parliamentary reform and that must continue and grow, and this point I call on stakeholders to interact with the general amnesty law on a new face suit reform with courage that characterized by this stage and that the adoption of this law is urgent in the context of comprehensive reform and readily the achievement of full national reconciliation.

God grant you success and all that is good and wishes to Halguetkm discussion this success and give us adequate and acceptable study of everyone get us out of the bottle neck of this project, which tarry too much and it's time to be done and thank the Legal Committee on the generous initiative.
Peace, mercy and blessings of God
information Office
The President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives