Abadi: I will not defend any corrupt the process of reform and we will go full force

By Mohammed Emad

one thirty-eight 12/08/2015

Brother - Baghdad
The Prime Minister called Haider al-Abadi to keep the armed forces and the popular crowd for political action, because of the fighting on the battlefield fighting for the country and not for the parties.

He said in his speech during the celebration of World Youth Day, according to a statement his office, that "victory over Daash gangs became soon and we found during our visit to the lines of confrontation in Anbar yesterday high morale of our fighters heroes and those fighting the description of one," adding that "the advisory opinion of the religious authority honest and clear in the fighting under the banner of the Iraqi flag. "

He added that he would not defend a corrupt or invalid "There is not a target in the reform process and the fight against the corrupt, and the reform process we go out with full force and we will strike with an iron fist on the corrupt", stressing that "the process will not be easy, but painful, and the corrupt will not be silenced, and the owners of privileges will not be silenced , but we are going to proceed to another task in the fight against the corrupt and repair the situation. "

Abadi warned of "some people who are trying to tip the Securities mixing claims unrealistic contradictory demands of the demonstrators demolished because institutions will not serve the country."

He greeted the prime minister, the demonstrators, and warned that some parties will try to collide with the security forces and drag it to the collision, adding that "there is a conspiracy to take over the region and its resources on the countries of this region to contribute to the fight against terrorism."

He noted that "Turkey has recently joined to fight these gangs, but I invite her to respect good neighborliness and reject hit Iraqi territory under the pretext of striking the PKK because these are located in Turkish territory, so why are not beaten in its territory, and that there is a Christian families in Iraq burned homes and crops as a result of strikes Turkish ".

At the end of the ceremony Abadi distributed gifts among the heroes of Iraq in a number of games in addition to the top students on Iraq in the current year to study junior high.