The existence of 66 corruption cases open against senior officials in the state ... and immunity would impede accounting of Representatives

By Mohammed Emad

12/08/2015 1:25 a.m.

Brother - Baghdad
Specialized in Baghdad claims Integrity investigation Court declared the existence of the right to open the issue of 66 high-level officials in the state, while confirming that some MPs can not refer them to the Criminal Court for the enjoyment of parliamentary immunity.

A statement for the federal judiciary for the first Court Judge Mohsen Fadel as saying that 66 issue currently open against the ministers and agents Ministries and Vice current and former, officers and high-ranking related to charges of corruption, pointing out that some of the accused were referred to the criminal court, and the other is being investigated in their files "noting that" some MPs wanted could not be referred to the enjoyment of their parliamentary immunity lifted and on the House of Representatives. "

He pointed out that the judge Integrity "some wanted all these issues attended and recorded their statements, while others fled and were sentenced catch notes and prevented from traveling and book money to force them to surrender."

He stated that "the suits go about positive and according to the law, both in moving the complaint or record statements or collect evidence, or to cooperate with other agencies in the detection of irregularities.