last chance !

Author: Yasser incumbent

8/12/2015 0:00

That allocates $ 5 trillion dinars to banks sectoral Vmak is important, more important how to invest such a large amount? The goal clearly is to stimulate the productive sectors and address the class basis of this responsibility? Inevitably the private sector.

There are several questions emerge here and there, including any sector we are targeting in order to achieve the objective of this assignment, he sees them from the agricultural sector and others they see the industrial sector, according to the priorities of customization.

Experts believe that the agricultural sector to take its share in the agricultural initiative has not determined yet accurate statistics in the results, although there are some indicators in achieving success here and there but the biggest goal of the initiative and allocations has not been achieved so far, "self-sufficiency" and neither those acceptable rate in domestic production means We need a calendar pause on performance and aspects of exchange and rates of production .mhkltna here proportions low for the productive sectors of agricultural the mother of industrial GDP and indicators This impairment that imports ratios reached figures fictional Aasedkha one in a country that has the ingredients of production and some of its infrastructure. On the whole, the The aim of launching a large amount is to activate the productive side class basis, which will also contribute to increasing the proportion of its contribution to the gross domestic product, thereby reducing the import and keep hard currency and another goal Asma is to provide jobs and functions failed state Toverha.hma scene calls for moral obligation, moral and legitimate need for guidance These amounts towards domestic production and not to allow manipulation and fraud, including lead to the loss of this window of opportunity for the private sector to play to contribute to the implementation of sustainable development plans, through the detection and expose the areas of corruption before it happens, sending the money towards the ultimate goal.

Also do not want to put sticks in advance to impede the initiative and make it fail but to develop a clear and follow-up mechanisms, control and signaling the results first hand, here we see that priority will be given to the industrial sector and factories idle and where the possibility of rotation urgent that can be productive and to be in this aspect the share of the agricultural sector, provided that the terms of the industrial aspects exclusively to ensure diversify funding sources and reduce dependence on oil revenues, which brought the country to what this the last chance for the private sector to prove its existence and dedicate national production can reduce complaints and calls by some in the required support, and five trillion dinars able to bring industrial revolution in the country does Sntaz.