Government reforms capable of correcting development paths

8/12/2015 0:00

BAGHDAD - Hussein al-Tamimi Tgb
Simplifying procedures and reducing its legal system governing the economic work in the forefront of the economic development process sought by Iraq during the coming period requirements (according to expert affairs in the trade).

In this regard, President of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce Jaafar al-Hamdani said it's an important step that had been taken obtaining simplify government measures, pointing out that the implemented properly in public institutions would come with positive results on the economic situation in Iraq, however, saying: As will contribute paper Economic Reforms correct the path and strengthen those measures.

He added in an interview (morning) that the reality of work in a lot of institutions need to shorten the extra episodes, particularly at border crossing points and mechanisms for the registration of companies and associated to this aspect of the commitments.
He pointed to the importance that the state will proceed in the establishment of laboratories at border ports to facilitate screening procedures that take time at the expense of the material and increase the cost, pointing to the importance that touches the subject of government measures to facilitate the economic aspects of the work in the forefront of loans, taxes and other topics.
Hamdani said that the economic reality is an urgent need to simplify the procedures to alleviate the suffering of a large segment of traders and businessmen, stressing to start is better than not to start, because the service of the economy of the country and serve the citizens by reducing the rings routine.

He urged action by issuing unified card speed, indicating that it facilitates the many stages of the review of all transactions and dealings requirements where the need is now to the archives and after the health of the breasts and what needs it from time and expenses and other things strain references either an individual Ahoshrkat and challenge of achieving economic viability or delay it.

He said the government program came positive mechanisms integrated in terms of perspective, but faces interference in the economic part of the many decisions intersecting with each Alhalahnavzh and procedures, requires infrastructure to unify the legislative environment commensurate with the orientations of the country in the transition to an open market economy.

Hamdani stressed the need to continue the private sector with the government and that there is a serious dialogue between the two parties to stand when the real problems facing the economic development process and find a quick logical solutions that achieve economic viability of the country, especially as the private sector is well aware of the kinks that confuse economic advancement, stressing that communication with the ministries and government institutions creates a real economical integrated service in all its aspects and productivity in the general areas of Iraq, which has the elements of economic advancement for the provision of wealth in most of them.

And the reality of the Chambers of Commerce in the liberated areas Hamdani said that the EU and the efforts of a self feet to the staff of the rooms in those areas salaries, pointing out that the rehabilitation will be gradual because it would require many efforts and large financial support, noting that it needs to support the Government in this area to speed up in the construction of these rooms and exercise its natural role in life Amh.ahamdana said that the Iraqi economy needs to use Global Advisory offices to put the economy under consideration in all his joints, and that paints a future for ten years to come and prices pessimistic, pointing out that this process must be monitored and the relay at implementation of these plans through international destinations supervisory local studies centers to begin the establishment of a modern economy.

Hamdani and concluded by saying: that the follow-up to the trader needs is essential to maintain a constant level of prices, and this trend needs to cooperate with the government to create a work environment achieved great economic feasibility of the country.