Parliamentary Awqaf announces paper reform of the legislation law "criminalizes sectarian"

Published on: 11 August / August 2015

A member of the Committee on the Keywords during a joint press conference with members of the Committee held the House of Representatives, said that "the Commission decided within her paper reformist Sir necessary to enact a law criminalizing sectarian actions," adding that it "will be uncles to the Endowment High Authority for the Hajj and Umrah religious and educational institutions affiliated to spread the culture of anti-corruption and to highlight the role of religions in it. "

Keywords and added that "the Commission will work continuously to publish fatwas to outlaw blood Iraq and squatters on public funds and abuse of power so as to promote a culture of peaceful coexistence and the fight against terrorism and corruption," explaining that "the Commission will issue reports to assess periodically the performance of institutions entrusted this role to show kinks in their performance ".

And between a member of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs that "the Commission will involve representatives from the public in the hearings to be held to inform citizens on the actual steps in the face of corruption through legal frameworks," pointing out that "This paper is part of the reform process and the demands of the demonstrators and the crowd and the media Bookmark and blessing and an update to a document Ramadan peaceful coexistence and the fight against extremism and terrorism and to lay the foundations of democracy and the provision of services and hit an iron and financial and administrative corruption in the joints of the state. "

Keywords He continued that "the Commission shall endeavor to take measures to combat corruption through the role of the religious dimension of the promotion of steps in response to the reference and the masses protester," adding that "the Commission is also working to consolidate the anti-corruption efforts and to confirm the Iraqi identity in the face of the quota system as the ingredients and taken a way to cover up the losers."

The House of Representatives voted on Tuesday, the government's reform package and parliamentary reform package unanimously.