Parliamentary Finance: eight ten billion dinars annually allocations Deputy Prime Ministers

Published on: 11 August / August 2015

Committee member Jabbar Abdul Khaliq said that the general budget law allocated 18 billion dinars for the Deputy Prime Ministers annual counterbalance except charging their salaries and the salaries of the Vice-President of the Republic and their allocation, detailed the eight billion dinars, of which dedicated security affairs and eight billion dinars for the economy and two billion dinars for Energy.

He added that the first goal of the decisions Abadi is an administrative reform, considering that those positions have no legal basis, which entails a lot of money exchange, even if they do not pose a significant number compared to the budget and that those decisions intervention in the area of reducing class differences, pointing out that what exists reform steps far more than the positions referred to Cancel There are many financial and administrative reforms will be announced soon.

The Iraqi cabinet has approved the proposals of the prime minister Haider al-Abadi Sunday. And include proposals, which reportedly aims to reduce the government budget and the fight against corruption, the abolition of the posts of Vice President and Deputy Prime Ministers.

Ebadi said that senior government positions should not be based on sectarian or partisan quotas. And it must be approved by the House of Representatives so that those proposals are being applied.