Integrity issued arrest warrants for 316 responsible including ministers and deputies retired

Agency eighth day

August 11, 2015, 12:44

BAGHDAD - ((eighth day))

Integrity Commission issued orders to bring and the arrest of 316 former and current official in the Iraqi state, including ministers and deputy retirees.

A source in the body said in a statement reported by ((eighth day)) for "the issuance of warrants for officials on the background of the investigations and files for financial and administrative corruption and misappropriation of funds, extortion and other issues is completed," noting that "the most prominent of those against whom arrest warrants are the head of the investment Sami Araji and director of the General Commander of the Armed Forces former office Farouk al-Araji. "

The source said that "the competent security authorities arrested a number of suspects after the issuance of the introduction of their right orders, while still pursuing the remaining," adding that "these actions taken by the Integrity Commission since last July, and has taken great boldness after July 31, the first demonstration, the protesters on corruption in the country. "

The source declined to reveal the "more numbers and names," but he said the "next few days will see the Iraqis surprises please them."