Zubaidi refer employees booking flights Airlines to integrity and punished another system

Publishing Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2015 17:16:03

He referred the Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi, Tuesday, an employee of booking flights Airlines to integrity and punished the other system, as he emphasized that he will pursue "the corrupt and criminals" who cause the waste of public money.

Information Office of the Zubaidi said in a press statement received, agency news today copy of it, "Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi continued on a daily basis for the diagnosis of the precise cons and problems in booking flights by Iraqi Airways, including the closure of the system in front of agents and travelers so that they can not make a reservation and the emergence of the system All seats are busy while a large part of them vacant, creating suffering and exploitation of the citizens in an inappropriate manner such prestigious company as well as damage to public property. "

The statement quoted al-Zubaidi confirmed, that "it was monitoring one of the main perpetrators of this crime were to refer the matter to an investigative committee in the ministry," explaining that it "completed its work yesterday 10/08/2015 and were approved recommendations to refer to one of the main perpetrators of the Integrity Commission and to punish another employee and the abolition of agencies and offices complicit with the staff referred to. "

It promised "we will stay pursue the corrupt and the criminals who cause the waste of public money and damage valued citizens."

The Iraqi Airways confirmed on Monday that it had been a "temporary suspension" of the flight lines aircraft to and from Airports European countries and not strictly, and as pointed out that the ban be until the acceptance of the new documents provided by the air transport WHO, indicated that they provided a replacement aircraft for the purpose of passenger transport in order to fulfill their obligations.

The Iraqi citizens complained, on Monday (10 August 2015), the denial of travel across the Iraqi Airways to London and Europe, Aazin reason this matter to the "failure" of the Ministry of Transport to maintain the FAQ and international laws relating to international aviation.