08/11/2015 20:39
78 killed Daashaa aerial bombardment and fighting in different areas

Within the process of Beck O Iraq operation carried out in conjunction with the popular crowd in the Champions area (Aldiom) resulted in the destruction singlet bearing wheels loaded with terrorist elements.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: Military cell media announced Tuesday that 78 Daash element of the terrorist organization were killed in aerial bombardments and fighting in different parts of the country.

It said cell in a statement, said the outcome of military operations today were as follows:

1.qata Anbar operations: the security of our units continue to progress toward its goals in the Anbar province of Conception cleared of terrorist gangs, which managed to dismantle 12 of an explosive device in the area Albuaath, as our security forces foiled an attempt on by the enemy in the stadium area and was able to destroy the bomb Hmra belonging to gangs Daash, so treat aviation international coalition two goals and two detachment mortar and cache in the neighborhood of nationalization; and killed four of the terrorists Daash and the destruction of a motorcycle; and the killing of three members of the Daash, while managing the power of anti-terrorism cleared buildings bombs in Al-Anbar University machine where it was processing 40 of an explosive device, so the pieces security effectiveness in the strait area resulted in the destruction of the cache belonging to gangs Daash and destruction of the wheel of the enemy carried out and kill a group of terrorist elements, and by last another force from Anbar Operations Command and backed by the air force has carried out security effectiveness in areas (Almlahmh- Albohgel- Muftol- pitch) that killed 7 terrorists and injuring four others, and the destruction of three wheels carry guns unilateral and excavators and three different wheels and two crossings were being used by terrorist groups to deliver gear to Daash gangs in the city of Fallujah, as also destroyed 3 headquarters and points control and kill those inside; in addition to the destruction of two warehouses of weapons and ammunition and the headquarters of belonging to the guerrilla terrorist as well as wounding two wheels and the killing of the two, that carried out the federal police forces, security effectiveness in the strait area resulted in the destruction of the cache of the enemy and the wheel and killed a terrorist elements within the hill region, and to address two wheels within one houses and killed two terrorists, also has engaging several targets hostile by the federal police in conclusively gray resulted in the burning of the mechanics belonging to the Daash and destroy the excavator to the enemy and killed them, as implemented detachments handling explosives security effectiveness resulted in the destruction of 16 of an explosive device double in Tel Msheehdh area (cemetery).

2. Baghdad Operations Command: continued Qtatha and within the dawn of the vine process purge on the vine and the surrounding areas and in association with Saraya federal police, and fighters of the popular crowd and tribesmen those who care about and support from the Army Aviation and Air Force and Air International Alliance of direct supervision by the commander of Baghdad operations and in coordination with the leadership of operations Anbar, and the results were killing 18 terrorists and injuring 18 others and destroying two ferries to the enemy and killing of two and the destruction of Kdsin and 7 nests, to that carried out another strength of the Baghdad Operations security effectiveness in the areas of (Dwylibh- coronary Beach) resulted in the discovery of 55 of an explosive device have been processed and 48 the bombing of a ruler.

3. Tigris Operations Command: As part of the process to pick O Iraq carried out the effectiveness of security in conjunction with the popular crowd in areas fighters (Daly Abbas Algalbah- Sensl- Balad Ruz / Alkseerat) resulted in the arrest of four wanted terrorism in accordance with Article 4 and two others according to intelligence information, The terrorist was killed as troops found a bomb wheel has been processed and the burning wheel Kia was the type used by terrorist gangs in their criminal acts.

4. Salah al-Din Operations Command: Within the process of Beck O Iraq operation carried out in conjunction with the heroes of the popular crowd in the area (Aldiom) resulted in the destruction singlet bearing wheels loaded with terrorist elements.

5. Aviation Air Force: 22 sorties carried out on the breakers of all operations, including process resulted in the destruction of the enemy 7 nests and killed them west of the vine.

6. Army Aviation Command: carried out 13 sorties breakers on all processes.

7. International Airline Alliance: 14 sorties carried out on different cutters operations, which resulted in the killing of 43 terrorists, and the destruction of 6 wheels, including wheel armored weapons cache and 5 bunkers and tunnel and 16 locations, including three of the enemy mortar sites.