"Corrupt defend corrupt.". Mahmoud al Hasan leads Maliki's defence team in court!
Date: Tuesday, 11-08-15 12:42 pm

Detecting the State of law Coalition mp Mahmoud Hassan, his intention to lead a team to defend the Vice President Nouri al-Maliki.
Judge Mahmoud Al-Hassan said that "on the basis of the expertise possessed by our legal team, and the extent of our confidence that Mr. Maliki's campaign exposed tskitet purpose being overthrown was that only to protect Iraq and Security Division, decided to form a defence team".
Hassan said "the legal team led by defending Al-Maliki is studying the files against the latter, charges the speaker considers that mere allegations there was no substantiated evidence, of financial and administrative corruption, and convicted, smuggling and concealment of former politicians accused of terrorist cases, cancel some Baathist henchmen eradication Sadam, and responsibility is the leaders fall provinces but the terrorist organization (daash), and other charges.
Hassan said that he "will lead a team defending Mr. Nouri al-Maliki be brought to justice for his defense of the charges against him, saying he will prove his innocence".

For its part, traded among activists, the news media, describing it as "laughing mocking the Iraqi people."
They said that "Maliki and criminals must be held accountable for what they did during the eight years of injustice which the Iraqi people, during which blood was shed thousands of our children because of poor management and personal interests behind his pant and his goals (advocacy) and the State of law Coalition, and their who failed the Iraqi people."
They said that "how to corrupt like Mahmoud Hassan, his recent election scandal, which distributed the fake bonds which plots against the election of Maliki and threatened people in non-elected coalition and their it will call them, defend corrupt larger Maliki."