After the adoption of the reforms package.. Judiciary move to account corruptors "whatever their positions were in government”
Tuesday, 11 August 2015 13:41

Shafaq News / The Supreme Judicial Council said on Tuesday that the judiciary and the prosecution will investigate all complaints of corruption,

whatever the position of the defendant were.

The council's spokesman Judge , Abdul Sattar Bayraktarsaid in a statement seen by Shafaq News, that "the doors of the judiciary and the prosecution are open to receive complaints including those relating to corruption."

Bayraktar "We will deal with these complaints no matter what the position of the accused was, according to the law and the available evidence and clues."

This comes after the confirmation of parliament today on the government reforms package submitted by Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi to fight rampant corruption in government departments.

The government plans to set up a committee named "Where did you get this?" To investigate the previous and present corruption files.

Iraq is among the most corrupt countries in the world according to the Transparency International index over the past years, as reports always comes on embezzlement of large sums of money without accounting the involved parties.”.html