The legitimacy and legality of the reforms Mr. Abbadi
By: gazwan
Date: Tuesday, 11-08-15 07:03 am
Hamza al-janahi

Histories should not be their forgetfulness, lack of traffic to them through quickly, the date of issuance of the Advisory opinion of the competency in the jihadist 13/6/2014, and reference invitation on Friday 7/8/2015 for the Government to move strongly to beat corruption and corruption with an iron hand.
Reference News Tracker (Aljaferķa-Ja'fari Islamic) as one of the most world's lack of references in the ads, and they are always trying to get away from politics, and non-interference in politics but Mander, and in some cases, find themselves not prompt supportive and not included in this fray, they don't interfere with the power of only some of which requires the importance and necessity of the Reformation process or to find ways to make them stand firmly on a solid foundation, as seen in this year, draws people to come out to support and vote for the Constitution, With reservation on many paragraphs in the Constitution, but found it necessary to have a Constitution in Iraq, sent people out of referendum Yes, last Friday, actor and orator of Friday prayers at the Holy Al-Hussaini, Mr. Ahmed al-Safi, a representative of the bookmark and tongue intact, and strongly supports Mr. Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, and asks him to hit iron spoilers and abusers inThe waste of public money in Iraq, both dates for reference at the time of the current Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, this gives more of an indicator of men, the most important of these indicators that most luckiest guy without other Iraqi politicians and rulers over twelve years, and the other indicator that Haidar Abadi personality are acceptable in Najaf, the strongest and most importantly that you can move theAccelerated strongly towards any order necessary in the BIOS to find solutions to many of the Iraq contract, which wrapped around the neck, and the fatwa of Jihad is only one of those solutions that turned the scales at table ideologies, dreams and expectations for many of those trying to fish in troubled waters of Iraq, also today, find a bookmark after seeing that the time has come to stand in the happenings in Iraq, finds itself gives impetus rallyFor Abadi, to move and is Dolly, he and Albin that reference gave a clear declaration to Mr. Abadi and unwelcome, and before the recent call for men, created bookmark Friday prior to Juma ((type of iron)), she harmonized public aspirations, and that ((patient)). This clear statement of interpretation and that she looked forward to the end of patience the public out to demonstrate in corrupt politicians and abusers in Iraqi capabilities for tracking after Juma was present with the protesters, however, as the President takes a course and strongly, and exercise his powers and abandon partisan and sectarian quotas, to stand firmly in the face of challenges, and hitting with an iron hand them whatever their strength, and stands behind the Entrenchments of internal party or regional foreign agendas.
If Mr. Abbadi freedom from everything that surrounds it from cocoons determines his movements, and TFT of corroborated and also investment this opportunity that I don't think it has been given for a kiss, and I don't think they will give to anyone beyond the near term also, surely Mr. Abbadi today according to the Constitution and its powers, is considered the most powerful political personality as the post, is responsibility, but we saw that the most vulnerable in the political process, as a result of these agreements and divides accepteds, etc., today, Mr. Abbadi has power unless the President's kiss. Not since the fall, but 50 years ago, as part of which the leader Abdel Karim Kassem who had satisfied Mr. reference wise, parking and public love him, bookmark support, popular support, international support, albeit timid, CSO and powerfully, harness, shift in social networking sites to strengthen Abadi, but at the same time, there are points of weakness, should not be overlooked, surrounded by men, is live mAmah political agreements, notably strong partners possess public sectors, parliamentary blocs, regional and international relations, strong military, strong, money, important characters, lacked a strong party man, and no fan base, and do not link stratigia with regional powers, and the presence of angels in the State party and corrupt management, it's very heavy legacy of failure and crises, and the old political forces wishes to return, And aspiring powers lie in the opportunity, in addition to the demands of the protesters rubber, lack of experienced leaders, can deliver voice, and negotiate with the Government and forwarded to score bug with determination to achieve its demands and is addresses to all media and mobilization of the masses, and not gradually, melting and disappearance of its power, which I think a lot of lurking power betting on time, so it is difficult to achieve the objectives of direct term Street exit , A severe financial crisis, daash and occupation of Iraqi cities.
He and now the balance of power is not in favour of Mr. Abbadi, but there are strong points, as mentioned above, investment and non-confrontational and alienating them, even if it is required to take too much time, there are some immediate legislation that gives the Prime Minister a strong impetus to work on quick fixes, shows a strong, firm, and make the opposing front, finding strength and Pack quickly, and most such legislation :
-Where did you get this code.
-Find law of salaries, allocations, unified and clear to all personnel of the Iraqi State, as is the case in other States, not chaotic legislation package, under the banner of interest and royalties for lawmakers.
-Must be the retirement law unified version for all Iraqis, and his interest twice. Once employees feel and Iraqis alike, they do not differ from each other, and does not make a financial class, and secondly, this law gives substantial opportunity to eliminate unemployment of university graduates, and are waiting for construction, compensation for retirees, beyond the number covered by this law who would probably retire million employees, to receive a salary pension able to perpetuate the Aisha.
-The version of the party financing law and electoral propaganda.
These laws could begin by Mr. Abadi, to show a strong, and then begin gradually, and to bring the perpetrators and thieves to the courts and to try to return funds stolen and smuggled into Iraq, the withdrawal of previous Governments accounting that caused the disaster in Iraq, even if they become strong in their party and its membership in the Iraqi Parliament, to search Iraqi minds technocratic To use their experience, even if it is forced to import brains, trying to persuade them to return to Iraq again, such reforms need time may exceed the duration of Mr. Abadi which left them only three years, but when a citizen finds that these reforms are giving the wishes of the people, the chances of Mr. Abbadi to return again to the helm of the Cabinet in the coming elections, the most powerful of all the characters, and complete the journey of his reform programme, and these reforms that might work for them, are not contrary to the Constitution, but Is the core of the work Mr Prime Minister, as article 78 which States: ((the Prime Minister is the direct Executive responsible for the general policy of the State)), either the legitimacy of Mr. Abadi are people bookmark together, claim the reforms, and beaten with an iron hand for every spoiler.