Ebadi, an adviser to two axes indicates the financial crisis: the war cost a quarter of Iraq's budget

Since 08/11/2015 15:23 pm (Baghdad time)

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Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister acknowledged the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, Tuesday, that the war waged by the armed forces and the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes against the terrorist organization Daash cost a quarter of the Iraqi state budget.

Saleh said L / scales News / "There are two axes of the financial crisis in Iraq is the first war to organize Daash terrorist, which is an additional burden costing the state a quarter of its budget," noting that "The second axis is the adoption of the budget in 2015 on the sale of oil revenues, which declined more than 60% after the drop in world oil prices. "

He acknowledged the economic advisor to the Prime Minister that "the government of Prime Minister program Haider al-Abadi economic did not" hang "but the continuation of the war conditions with Daash terrorist and lower oil prices affect the program that we are still working on its implementation," noting that "Iraq is selling oil below the world price by 8 Dollars and this led to a significant loss reduction in the state budget deficit is a huge reason. "

The "parliamentary finance committee member Massoud Rustam had confirmed L / scales News / that the cost of military operations in Iraq amounting to nearly $ 10 million per day," .anthy 29 / d 25