United announce his support for "reform decisions," it asserts: some of the paragraphs included an encroachment on the Constitution

Since 08.11.2015 at 08:57 (GMT Baghdad)

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He announced a coalition united under the leadership of Vice President Osama Najafi, Tuesday, support for the paper, government reform, stressing the need to be under the roof of the Constitution and the laws in force and political agreement voter him, as he emphasized that certain paragraphs of the paper reform include encroachment on the Constitution and some of the laws in force.
According to a statement of the coalition received / scales News / copy of it, "Vice President of the Republic president of a coalition united for reform Osama Abdul Aziz Najafi held a lengthy meeting yesterday evening, in the presence of ministers and deputy coalition as well as the leadership of the coalition and advanced staff, were discussed during the meeting and discuss the reforms that offer package the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and position them. "

He added that "the conferees agreed that the coalition supports the decisions and proposals that achieve reform and respond to the demands of the demonstrators to be under the roof of the Constitution and the laws in force and political agreement voter it," noting that they noticed that some paragraphs of the paper reform include encroachment on the Constitution and some of the laws in force, which It means it requires changing the constitutional provisions and laws, so it requires a calm debate aimed at reaching the best ways in the service of the citizen and meet the real needs away from politicization or partisan narrow thinking, or trying to hit the concentration of power and the principle of partnership and balance. "

The student participants to "further reforms, and the implementation of the paragraphs of the political agreement, in particular the national reconciliation laws, and work for reform of the judiciary, and to address the displaced and displaced persons crisis and an end to their suffering, and mobilize all efforts and energies for the liberation of all Iraqi inch of control organization Daash terrorist".

The Najafi according to the statement that the "coalition united for reform was and remains at the forefront of those calling for reform in the political, economic and security aspects and services, and in line with the will and aspirations of the people, so never hesitate in supporting any reform process in line with the Constitution and laws and bring to the people his hopes of a balanced stable life. "

He united statement that "Voices of the demonstrators and the calls of the people and the suffering of millions of our people invite us all to hard work and hard work, under the banner of citizenship and away from all Maysye it, or riding Mujtha without baptism sincere national service entitlement."

The head of the House of Representatives confirmed Saleem al-Jubouri, on Monday, that the political blocs unanimously to accept the reform paper submitted by the government, noting that the House of Representatives will begin his role in the oversight of what has been mentioned in the paper for the purpose of forcing the government to accomplish what it has pledged.

He announced al-Jubouri, for holding a public hearing on Tuesday, to vote on the reform package announced by al-Abadi.
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi issued on Sunday (August 9, 2015), a set of guidelines, which included an immediate a reduction of the number of protections for all those responsible Dmenhm three presidencies, and the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister immediately, and the dimensions of all senior positions from quotas partisan and sectarian.

It also included reducing its ministries and agencies to raise efficiency and reduce costs, and the abolition of the special provisions for the presidencies of bodies and state institutions and officials, retirees, and the opening of the previous and current files of corruption under the supervision of the Commission, "Where did you get this" .anthy / u 29-17