Iraqi parliament passes reform beams 8/11
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    Iraqi parliament passes reform beams 8/11

    Iraqi parliament passes reform beams

    The Iraqi Council of Representatives approved unanimously today on the first reforms announced by Abadi Sunday package as the Council passed another document prepared to deal with this package is constitutionally and legally and included more than 20 paragraph.

    BAGHDAD: At the start of the Iraqi parliament session, which followed up "Elaph", Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri said that the House stands now before significant popular entitlement represents a unique experience in the ability to bypass the previous stage which were not successful at addressing the problems of Iraq suffered since years.

    Riding odds
    He said al-Jubouri, saying "we are facing a ride difficulties option and leave the political red tape after it was able to crowds of demonstrators in finding a school to demand and challenge even government and parliamentary packs reform came from the womb of the people who rebelled, demanding comprehensive reform. This was followed by the text of the first package of reforms Abadi students voted on full and without debate for approval of its provisions propagated by the House of Representatives unanimously.

    And then he asked al-Jubouri vote on the reform paper prepared by the Parliament and included more than 20 paragraph notably the dismissal of corrupt ministers and the prosecution of corrupt files and feminine in a government-Abadi through cancellation and the integration of a number of ministries.

    Prior to the parliamentary vote on his paper reform, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi asked him this morning to vote on approving or denying full and without fragmentation.

    He stressed that the basis of the reform is to meet the will of the people and the achievement of its interests and justice to the poor, and remove the roots of corruption and not to cling to positions.

    He said in a press statement on Tuesday briefed the text "Elaf" that they have taken directions for reform is not stem from a desire Balanfrad in power and to overcome the constitutional frameworks, but to perpetuate the state of citizenship and the dimensions of individual and partisan and sectarian domination of the joints and not to handcuff state institutions quota system abhorrent.

    Abadi stressed that the positions of vice-presidencies led to sag and this is one of the entrances to corruption and the power of the House of Representatives vote on the cancellation because it is legislated, and this is consistent with the Constitution and laws.

    He called the House of Representatives not to split the reform document and put it as one document and that the Council assume its responsibilities to accept it or reject it.

    A first package of decisions announced by the reformist Abadi Sunday and approved by the House of Representatives on Tuesday following is the text:

    Based on the requirements of the public interest and based on Article 78 of the Constitution and our face, including the following:

    I. administrative axis:
    1. The output of the top sites and agents and advisers and heads of bodies of quotas Alselassah, sectarian and choose the owners of competence and integrity of these sites and the candidates to the Council of Ministers within six months to be submitted to the House of Representatives for approval.

    2. The granting of permission to the prime minister in assigning or exempt general managers or appointed Baltsiq with the ministers concerned.

    3. The formation of the Prime Minister of the professional committee for the selection of senior staff within the criteria for the selection of qualified senior leadership based on objective criteria and the stomach of the advisers and the use of national and international expertise.

    4. subjecting ministries and authorities of other non-related to the Ministry to accountability through calendar programs designed for this purpose and shall Commission Calendar performance submit periodic reports to the Prime Minister.

    5 - Cancel the differences in salaries through reform of salaries and allowances system and introducing a new system during the month.

    6. continue to determine the privileges of officials, including protections, cars, housing according to fair legal standards.

    7 - merge and delete some ministries and agencies and complete the effort of the committee formed for this purpose.

    8 - Cancel advisers Outsourcing advisors and determine the three presidencies five per presidency.

    9 - Cancel the posts of Vice President and the Vice-Presidents of the Council of Ministers immediately.

    Second axis of financial reform:
    1. repair expenses and revenue structure of the state through:

    a. Tackle tax evasion both in terms of income tax and broadening the tax base that the system be commandeered to deal positively with him covered, and the development of the system on the basis of minutes to prevent corruption and reduce the burden on self-employed.

    B. The application of customs tariff fair at all border crossing points, including Kurdistan and outlets, and the use of corporate discreet in this area to prevent corruption and promote national product, and to prevent flooding the Iraqi market.

    2. Reduce the upper limit of the pensions of officials and drafting a progress during the week dealing with the wrong decisions taken previously.

    III axis of economic reform:

    1.ttoly cell crisis take appropriate decisions to activate the movement of investment and stimulate the private sector through.

    O.tfiel loans to stimulate the economy in the country, and operation of the unemployed, both approved by the cell in respect of loans to the industrial sector and the agricultural sector and the housing sector amounting to 5 trillion dinars, and in respect of loans to support small projects amounting trillion dinars, and the committee in charge of the development of its mechanisms make recommendations before the end of this week.

    B. To work on activating the cabinet's decision and the crisis cell to pay dues payable to the private sector companies, and the media about it in an equitable manner to facilitate their work and create new jobs.

    J.anjaz payment term in charge of the program prepared by the Ministry of Planning in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance during the week, and submit it to the cell crisis for approval, in order to provide services to citizens.

    2.alghae all exceptions of the Implementing Regulations of government contracts with the exception of armament contracts in the Ministry of Defense currently.

    3. activation strategies discreet work prepared by State institutions, including in particular what has been achieved in cooperation with international organizations.

    IV axis Services:

    1-out package of measures to resolve the problems in the areas of electricity transmission and distribution and collection of production and to be completed within two weeks.

    2. the adoption of effective community control program to detect decline or failure in the delivery of services in order to negligent accounting and eliminates postponement disrupted the collection of the provision of services efficiently, whether at the level of ministries or local governments.

    Fifth - the focus of the fight against corruption:

    1. activating the role of Anti-Corruption Council and The Prime Minister and the launch of his campaign (Where did you get this) along with other Council and in cooperation with the functions of the judiciary.

    2. activate the role of the regulatory institutions and the disclosure of spoilers and establish criteria for evaluating the performance of regulatory institutions and spend it to activate the role of the national integrity and re Consideration inspectors public offices and focus on the core functions of their offices to the effect that the feminine and to stop the sag in order to be effective.

    3. put a time limit to resolve the issues of censorship and expose corruption and announced in accordance with the law.

    Abadi pointed out that "these decisions and directives which we are launching today is the first package on the path of reform we desire and the fight against corruption and the approval of the foregoing, we will direct snapped the necessary measures to begin implementation immediately."

    Reforms to Parliament's decisions Abadi

    He then asked al-Jubouri vote on the reform paper prepared by Parliament to address decisions Abadi constitutionally and legally noting that other proposals have been submitted to the presidency of parliament to be included within the reformist his paper, which included 20 items.

    The reforms include Parliament items rectify what some laps reforms Abadi and seize what is stated in each officer Constitution and the law and in conformity with the aspirations of the citizens, especially the eradication of corruption.

    The paper came in the parliamentary reform approved by parliament today clauses calling for the sacking of corrupt ministers and identify the states of senior positions two years and reforms to the mechanics of the appointment of military leaders.

    And stipulated in the original paper Nskhta before Aladavc which have been not announced details yet on the following:

    Comes the reforms made by the Council of Ministers package consistent with what initiated by the House of Representatives, the Council and with the blessing of her sees her buttocks package of reforms complementary to rectify some of what she died of reforms and adjust what is stated in each officer Constitution and the law and in conformity with the aspirations of the citizens, especially in the eradication of corruption Perhaps the most important :

    1 -anjaz feminine ministries and bodies process within a time period not to exceed 30 days and including for exceeding the 22 ministry as a first stage, starting to merge ministries and women with similar terms of reference and the end, limiting the formation of the ministry, including limited to the exclusive powers of the federal authorities contained in Article 110 of the Constitution and what can local authorities from doing It burdens the responsibility of managing their own affairs.

    2. ending appointments proxy file and submit candidates in senior positions of chairpersons and deputy ministers and advisers in accordance with the law to a vote within a period not to exceed 30 days and the adoption of competence and integrity standards away from the adoption of party affiliations and sectarian criteria and exemption from the Ataatuar the competence and integrity away from the adoption of party affiliations and sectarian criteria and exemption Ataatuar of the competence and integrity and without individually hand the issue with regard to the decisions of appointment or exemption in order to safeguard the principles of democracy and the protection of the decision-makers from sliding toward exclusivity and dictatorship.

    3. The end appointments by proxy in the military and security positions file and submit candidates for the presidency of the Army Staff and his deputies and those who hold the title of division leader and above the head of the National Intelligence Service and the heads of the security services by adopting efficient and professional standards of integrity and within a period not exceeding 30 days to the House of Representatives to vote on them.

    4. direct process limbering within presidencies, ministries or bodies or departments not related to the Ministry through the integration of directorates negotiable integration to eliminate the administrative slack in these entities and identify the states of senior positions two years.

    5. invite the Prime Minister to dismiss all of the Minister of Electricity and Water Resources and all of its failure to prove to the ministry management and the interests of people with its validity and in accordance with the constitutional mechanism.

    6 - Removal of members of the House of Representatives who exceeded Gaabathm and without excuse more than a third of the total Council Chapter legislative sessions per project, and look at the performance of the heads of parliamentary committees and the replacement of not proven its efficiency in the management committee.

    7 - reducing the number of officials and protections without exception in half within 15 days.

    8. given a choice of office holders with dual nationality between deprivation of citizenship gained and removal from the office during a period not exceeding 30 days.

    9. legislation of laws that the Constitution text on the necessity of legislation and the laws of national reconciliation, and to overcome what stands in the face of this legislation mechanisms and especially (the law of parties, and the law of the Federal Supreme Court, and the Law of Treaties, and the law of the Federation Council, and Qaton National Guard).

    10. invite the Supreme Judicial Council to present a paper Bmaydmn judicial reform the judiciary and the lack of maintenance of its influence and political pressure to provide candidates for the presidency and the membership of the Federal Cassation Court, the Public Prosecutor and the Presidency, and the Presidency of judicial oversight body by voting for them in the House of Representatives.

    11. direct the process of questioning of ministers and heads of independent bodies of those who completed the legal procedures for the process of questioning.

    12. refer the files of corruption and especially armament contracts and the sale and lease state property to justice immediately.

    13. Accounting and prosecution of corrupt and thieves of public money who enriched at the expense of the Iraqi people and the recovery of money discharged.

    14. beatings at the hands of law-breakers and to achieve a safe environment in which to reassure people their lives and honor and property be valid to attract investment and talent from abroad.

    15. Accounting for negligence in defense of the Iraqis who have caused the ground and in the delivery of weapons to terrorist groups that had a role in the depletion of the state's resources and the displacement of millions of the provincial population.

    16. find practical solutions to the problem of displaced Pmaihfez them a decent life.

    The Abadi issued Sunday decisions to reduce the comprehensive and immediate in the preparation of protections for all state officials Dmenhm heads of the three presidencies, ministers, MPs and special grades and general managers and governors and members of the provincial councils and their grades, and the abolition of the special provisions for each presidencies bodies and state institutions and retirees of them according to instructions issued by the Prime Minister to take account of justice and professional competence.

    And is reducing expenses and the abolition of positions mainly Congress of the Republic and the Council of Ministers immediately and open previous files of corruption and the current under the supervision of a supreme committee to combat corruption is made up of specialists and working principle of "Where did you get this" and invite the judiciary to adopt a number of specialized judges well-known integrity fully to investigate and prosecute corrupt.

    Tight security
    However the parliament session, the security forces have taken tough measures in some areas of the capital Baghdad with armored vehicles spread of the federal police.

    A security source said that "the security forces have taken this morning, tight security in areas Baya, south of Baghdad, and freedom torch, northwest of the capital and published a number of elements of the Federal Police and local SWAT entries in those areas."

    The source, who was quoted by the "long Bryce," saying that "the armor of the federal police deployed in the area outside the entrances of Karrada, in central Baghdad, such as the House of Representatives session scheduled today held, to approve the reforms set by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi."

    The security situation in the capital Baghdad, tense since mid-2013 as the United Nations mission in Iraq in the first of this month, said that the month of July (July) witnessed the killing and wounding an Iraqi in 2948 out violence in the country and as pointed out that Baghdad was the most affected followed by the governorates of Diyala, Salahuddin, I promised the current phase of the most difficult stages in the history of modern Iraq, stressing that the human losses and enormous exciting deep concern and must put an end to it.
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