Today the House of Representatives vote on the papers and government and parliamentary reform

Baghdad Shaima Rashid - vote, the House of Representatives today on the papers of government and parliamentary reforms, while politicians urged the political blocs to take serious positions of reforms in order to evaluate.

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri announced, presided over the session, a meeting of leaders and representatives of the political blocs and the heads and members of parliamentary committees on Monday that the parliament session tomorrow (today) will include "discussion papers Aslahitin and vote on them together, including Tdmanh to see reform of the existing situation in the country", noting that "the Iraqi people is who has the lead first to support the new reform stage through peaceful democratic practice that marked the awareness and commitment and responsibility ".

He said al-Jubouri, "Parliament was keen to meet all demands advocated by the Iraqi people in order to build a state on the basis of correct and in contact with the services that feel the citizens need to be met", warning that "the reform project is not easy, but is a long project needs to be concerted efforts and consolidate attitudes not only of the political blocs, but of state institutions also whether by the government or the presidency or the Council of the Judiciary and the House of Representatives on more heavily, including attributes of the legislative and supervisory powers to the follow-up paper government reform.

In this context, he urged lawmakers political blocs to take serious positions of reforms.

She stressed MP for the Bloc citizen dreams Husseini said the Presidency and the heads of blocs have agreed on a paper reform sent by al-Abadi, indicating that the House of Representatives will be supportive of these resolutions.

Husseini in an interview for the "morning", she explained, that the parliament as a legislative and supervisory institution "would be has a significant role in the cause of reform, and that these reforms a step in the right direction will be followed by other steps, "indicating that" all institutions are interrelated and will take every position on the reform institution, whether legislative, executive or judicial. "

While across the National Alliance, a member of nostalgia Qaddo all need House of Representatives for reforms internal them to take a legal position of its members absent.

Qaddo draw, in a statement the "morning", that "the deteriorating conditions, whether economic or health in Iraq and the presence of significant challenges and control Daash on Iraqi territory and the existence of three million displaced people and the protests taking place in Country of reference and guidance called on the government to make important decisions, "stressing the need for there to be" harmony between the Council of Ministers and the Parliament in Accounting corrupt and address mismanagement. "

and on the position of the political blocs of these reforms, Qaddo explained that "there are signals coming from some blocks confirm support for these reforms, "adding that" there are rumblings of discontent and criticism of those who are preparing decisions is well thought out and could lead to the creation of strife within Iraqi society, "calling on the House of Representatives to" shoulder its responsibility and vote on these reforms and pass important laws to walk toward the events of reforms in the parliament. "In the meantime Therefore, MP for the rule of law Hisham al-Suhail cautioned that some of the political blocs have objections and doubts about the constitutionality of these reforms.

Suhail explain the position of the mass, "morning", that any "decision does not violate the Constitution we with him, and we will vote it either paper House of Representatives and the reforms to be taken and that would be a radical of the integration of the ministries and agencies should be talked about, "and expressed hope that" there is the feminine of the number of members of the House of Representatives. "

In turn, MP for the Liberal bloc proof Almamori pointed out that there are different views within the parliament on these reforms as affecting some of the characters, noting that there are political blocs believes that the reforms are contrary to its interests on the grounds that the government is based on the quota system.