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    Roundtable chat with bgg 8/10/15


    BGG: Someone had a ?? to start with??

    paul-o: BGG - Does Abadi in fact and indeed have the Constitutional authority to UNILATERALLY eliminate Maliki's position, effective immediately? And secondly, you mentioned during your call yesterday that Abadi wanted to re-introduce the tariffs. Is there article ink on that?

    BGG: both are widely available - keep an eye on the Iraq News Thread today - I'll get them in there and comment on it.

    clay: did you see this rcookie brought in?:

    clay: Zebari underlines the importance of the financial and banking system reform to go global but they have no rate

    BGG: I saw that - but his commentary is this... they need to stay on point with these reforms.

    BGG: forget International or not - the core value is getting their situation fixed.
    BGG: Looks like Maliki is "refusing" to step down... he's toast...

    BGG: here's another Zebari headline...
    BGG: Zebari: any delay the reform process will reflect negatively on the credibility of Iraq in front of the international financial institutions

    rcookie: Zebari, Alak, Finance Ministry experts Supreme Audit Board, Rasheed and Rafidain Presidents...,sounds like HUGE meeting & commentary

    itsaboutjesus: As I listened to your yesterday call recording, you mentioned there was info about Abadi planning on reinstate the Tariff in a week. Do you by any chance have ink and/or further info concerning that?

    BGG: There were a couple of articles out - I think I read them in the Iraq News Thread... if not I'll get them put in there.
    BGG: the point about that info - if they go back and put them in force - are they going to add value first??

    itsaboutjesus: I am totally with you; and it looks like this whole weekend Iraqi political earthquake might have just shake them into that direction!!

    BGG: Under the auspices of Iraqi lawyers .. Federal Court issued a decision to arrest al-Maliki, right!

    BGG: A number of Iraqi lawyers Federal Court demanded to issue a decision arrest warrant against former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in preparation for submission to trial on charges of corruption and waste of public money and causing the death of thousands...

    BGG: Ouch...

    rcookie: I thought one of the best reports this morning was that of the Big Oil refinery in Anbar reopening after 6 years...signifies security confidence with that kind of move


    BGG: Revealed reliable sources from within the Baghdad International Airport that Nuri al-Maliki tried to leave Iraq to Syria on a private jet in secret in the eleventh and a half before midnight hour. The sources added that a large convoy of Baghdad airport entered and went directly to the presidential runway a pure way to head Only Republic, where she was a small private plane waiting for him, and sources pointed out that the security of the presidential runway clashed with the protection of the lack of knowledge of personal identity in charge of the traveler and when they try to find out personal traveling answered a member of the convoy he was Vice replied lawmaker answered the other does not the vice president said one members of the protection of the runway any of their deputy Pressed answered one protection personnel he Nuri al-Maliki The source explained that the security of the presidential runway prevent Maliki from traveling after their contact with the Presidency and the President

    BGG: That is a HUGE piece... things are very hot on the home front for Maliki.
    BGG: AND - there was news he is (now) refusing to step down - likely because he has few (or no) choices (is my speculation).
    BGG: otherwise known as IMHO
    BGG: why is all of this important??
    BGG: Maliki being dealt with directly and completely opens the door wide for all kinds of reform - Monetary Reform being at the very top of the list.

    jimsplace5: Where might I find a transcript of your last call
    Mrs BGG: link to August 9th call...

    jaedubya: what date was Maliki trying to leave? Saturday night, Sunday night...does your article give a date? Just curious

    BGG: No date - I suspect it was over the weekend.
    BGG: it does mention some of his conversation and current happenings. So I tend to think it legit.

    slh5282: what do you think the timeline could be for Maliki to be totally out and behind bars?

    BGG: no idea... but this bit about him "refusing to step down" (IMO) will only speed his demise.
    BGG: and I really think that is because he has no other option (at this point).

    diagyAAAE: I brought an article earlier explaining the refuse by M, for leaving office and Allawi

    BGG: thank you for that.

    BGG: I have some specific thoughts on Allawi - it won't shock me if he gets swept up in this corruption sweep.
    BGG: I have been saying there are several major Sunni politicians who were going to be revealed as being "in on the financial corruption"...

    clay: didn’t M go after A at one point

    BGG: old history.
    BGG: ask yourself why Mutlaq and Allawi haven't been doing "back flips" for the last 4 years??
    BGG: and there is your answer...

    diagyAAAE: There's another article about the 1st letter submission of resignation by Araji?

    BGG: I saw that - Sadr is backing Abadi on that one.

    clay: yes and that is good news

    BGG: It is ...
    BGG: Abadi order to refer the "whales" to the eradication of corruption, including al-Maliki

    BGG: BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq revealed a source close to Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi about the existence of an expanded list of accused of corruption, including former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki will be introduced to eliminate soon....


    diagyAAAE: Civic Democrats: the beginning of the reform of the judiciary and be summoned for Integrity (al-Maliki) 10/08/2015
    diagyAAAE: BAGHDAD / .. Prime Civic Democratic Alliance parliamentary bloc stressed Mithal al-Alusi, Monday, that the reforms issued by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi must begin to call the judiciary and the integrity of former Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki’s.
    He said al-Alusi’s “Eye Iraq News” that “Maliki must Aadsk all the money that went from Iraq’s budget when he was prime minister for eight years,” noting that “al-Maliki bear what Iraq is going through as the prime minister is leading a number of important positions acting and especially security. ”

    BGG: The level of anti-Maliki sentiment is JUST STAGGERING...

    diagyAAAE: absolutely

    BGG: they want their money BACK!!

    diagyAAAE: I guarantee M is shaking in his boots, sleepless nights

    clay: is today Dinar Corp court date

    BGG: I thought the government got a 14 day extension??

    larrykn: BGG do you feel they know where the money is being held

    clay says to larrykn: didn’t they find billions on his son in Lebanon

    trout1: is it safe to assume that after this big shakeup in the goi that there will be a cool down period where not much gets done

    larrykn: I think so clay but there is a lot more then that out there

    clay says to larrykn: yes u r right

    clay says to trout1: I would think it will speed it up

    larrykn: I think it’s hard to hide that kind of money there is always a money trail

    clay says to larrykn: one would think

    slh5282: wasn't it determined that between Maliki and his son they took something like 300 Million or was it more?

    clay says to larrykn: and supposedly shabs kept a record

    BGG says to trout1: not according to Zebari and everyone else - this thing is just now getting wound up!!

    clay says to slh5282: lots more billions

    BGG says to larrykn: probably.

    larrykn: yes I would think billions

    trout1: that’s good just seems as though they would have to readjust just about everything and find exactly what damage has been done

    BGG says to slh5282: lots more - they caught his son in Lebanon with 1.5 Bil USD (in cash)... no one has that kind of CASH legitimately... no one...

    slh5282: Larrykn, you are right, you have to hold in cash, because you can’t hide that much money unless it is in China...

    billionaire: That money was probably stored in the palace that he refused to give up.

    slh5282: and if it was in china they would not let him have it now, they would bail themselves out

    larrykn: remember what sadam did , it bought gold and put it on the walls lol

    bluedog: If only Shabibi could spill the beans.

    BGG: his "spillage" is coming soon. Once Maliki is "on the ropes" they will get info from Shabibi.

    BGG: Tariq Harb: Abadi reform decisions do not need to be approved by both the House and Minister

    BGG: BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - August 9 / August: After the legal expert, Tariq Harb, Sunday, on the decisions of the prime minister Haider al-Abadi, in the framework of political reform and building on the popularity of claims and guidance and reference the recommendations of the Supreme religious, and most important Cancel positions of major Congress of the Republic, ministers say, that "the decisions of the prime minister, Haydar al-Abadi Petrhik government and the abolition of the top positions do not need at all to the approval of Parliament."

    _firefly: Article 78 of the constitution

    BGG: I was accused of being "rash" in my statements yesterday - the perenial "wet blankets" cannot lay off their pouty attacks.
    BGG: We'll see - soon enough...
    BGG: and it sounds like he had all the legal standing he needed to do what he did...

    _firefly_ : Based on the requirements of the public interest and based on Article 78 of the Constitution, the President of the Council of Ministers, including the following:
    1. Reducing the comprehensive and immediate in the preparation of protections for all state officials Dmenhm three presidencies, ministers, MPs and special grades and general managers and governors and members of the provincial councils and their grades, and are converted surplus to defense and interior ministries by subordination to trained and qualified to do the national duties in defense of the homeland and the protection of citizens.
    2. Cancel the special provisions for each presidencies, bodies and institutions of the state and retired them by instructions issued by the Prime Minister to take into account the justice and professional competence.
    3. All senior positions of independent bodies, agents and Ministries and advisers and directors of two dimensions from quotas partisan and sectarian, and holds the profession

    BGG: Ali al-Alak should be "more than a little concerned" right now.
    BGG: if Abadi can sack Maliki - no corruption is safe!!

    _firefly_ : Ya think? lol
    _firefly_ : IMO his days in the CBI are numbered

    BGG: I would so like to add that to my list of accurate predictions
    BGG: bounce that nit wit!!

    _firefly_: You can count on it IMO of course
    _firefly_ : And how are they going to raise their CR from B- ????????

    MadDScout: These actions by PM should be a shot in the arm to investor confidence?

    BGG: not by itself - but it's a start

    _firefly_: Jabouri was expecting a higher rating !

    BGG: More likely illustrates Abadi is getting the message from the WB/IMF...
    BGG: he heard them loud and clear.

    _firefly_: BINGO !!!!!
    _firefly_: in my opinion keep a close eye on the 2 main banks

    Bluedog: I found it interesting that IDR gave Iraq an international credit rating without a viable internationally tradeable currency...

    BGG: he was - as were many others... but they have been - until now, unwilling to deal with their culture of corruption.

    _firefly _: I think these changes were crucial. More to come IMO

    BGG: Exactly!!
    BGG: Great conversation all - I'm off to rest a bit.

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