Public opinion published reforms issued by the parliament and the political security files package

10/08/2015 12:10 GMT

Follow-up -oreet - House Speaker Salim al issued a package of reforms after a meeting with the heads and representatives of parliamentary blocs in their meeting on Monday to complete the reforms announced by the government on Sunday.

And in which he said, "as it comes reforms submitted by the Council of Ministers package consistent with what initiated by the House of Representatives, the Council and with the blessing of her sees her buttocks package of reforms complementary to rectify some of what she died of reforms and adjust what is stated in each officer Constitution and the law and in conformity with the aspirations of the citizens, especially in the judiciary Perhaps the most important of corruption:

1 -anjaz feminine ministries and bodies process within a time period not to exceed 30 days and including for exceeding the 22 ministry as a first stage, starting to merge ministries and women with similar terms of reference and the end, limiting the formation of the ministry, including limited to the exclusive powers of the federal authorities contained in Article 110 of the Constitution and what can local authorities from doing It burdens the responsibility of managing their own affairs.

2. ending appointments proxy file and submit candidates in senior positions of chairpersons and deputy ministers and advisers in accordance with the law to a vote within a period not to exceed 30 days and the adoption of competence and integrity standards away from the adoption of party affiliations and sectarian criteria and exemption from the Ataatuar the competence and integrity away from the adoption of party affiliations and sectarian criteria and exemption Ataatuar of the competence and integrity and without individually hand the issue with regard to the decisions of appointment or exemption in order to safeguard the principles of democracy and the protection of the decision-makers from sliding toward exclusivity and dictatorship.

3. The end appointments by proxy in the military and security positions file and submit candidates for the presidency of the Army Staff and his deputies and those who hold the title of division leader and above the head of the National Intelligence Service and the heads of the security services by adopting efficient and professional standards of integrity and within a period not exceeding 30 days to the House of Representatives to vote on them.

4. direct process limbering within presidencies, ministries or bodies or departments not related to the Ministry through the integration of directorates negotiable integration to eliminate the administrative slack in these entities.

5. invite the Prime Minister to dismiss all of the Minister of Electricity and Water Resources and all of its failure to prove to the ministry management and the interests of people with its validity and in accordance with the constitutional mechanism.

6 - Removal of members of the House of Representatives who exceeded Gaabathm and without excuse more than a third of the total Council Chapter legislative sessions per project, and look at the performance of the heads of parliamentary committees and the replacement of not proven its efficiency in the management committee.

7 - reducing the number of officials and protections without exception in half within 15 days.

8. given a choice of office holders with dual nationality between deprivation of citizenship gained and removal from the office during a period not exceeding 30 days.

9. legislation of laws that the Constitution text on the necessity of legislation and the laws of national reconciliation, and to overcome what stands in the face of this legislation mechanisms and especially [the law of parties, and the law of the Federal Supreme Court, and the Law of Treaties, and the law of the Federation Council, and Qaton National Guard].

10. invite the Supreme Judicial Council to present a paper Bmaydmn judicial reform the judiciary and the lack of maintenance of its influence and political pressure to provide candidates for the presidency and the membership of the Federal Cassation Court, the Public Prosecutor and the Presidency, and the Presidency of judicial oversight body by voting for them in the House of Representatives.

11. direct the process of questioning of ministers and heads of independent bodies of those who completed the legal procedures for the process of questioning.

12. refer the files of corruption and especially armament contracts and the sale and lease state property to justice immediately.

13. Accounting and prosecution of corrupt and thieves of public money who enriched at the expense of the Iraqi people and the recovery of money discharged.

14. beatings at the hands of law-breakers and to achieve a safe environment in which to reassure people their lives and honor and property be valid to attract investment and talent from abroad.

15-hold negligent in defending Iraqis who caused the ground and in the delivery of weapons to terrorist groups that had a role in the depletion of the state's resources and the displacement of millions of usurped provincial population.

16. find practical solutions to the problem of displaced Pmaihfez them a decent life.