Deputy Finance Committee in decoding rule out the banks by the Central Bank link


BAGHDAD / JD / .. ruled out the decision of the Parliamentary Finance Committee MP Ahmad meat, decoding local banks link for the central bank, calling for non-intervention work of the central bank being the only party in the country that regulate monetary policy and controls the work of banks.

The meat Agency / JD / "You can not decode the local banking association in any way for the central bank", adding that "the Central Bank in all the world is watching and controls and regulates the work of local banks and can not be any point of intervention work."

He stressed that "the parliamentary Finance Committee will reject proposal to establish private banks independent body because it is a blatant interference central job and this is contrary to the law and the Iraqi constitution, "pointing out that" demanding the establishment of such a body cramming the central bank to target and reduce his powers. "

The number of deputies demanded earlier set up a special independent body banks and decrypt a link to banks by the Central Bank to ease the pressure on the central bank and make its work is limited to monetary policy in the country. / end / 8 /