War: The Presidency of the Republic rebel against the decisions of the Constitutional Abadi

Date: 10/08/2015 17:02

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Description legal expert Tareq Harb, Monday, dissatisfaction with President Fuad Masum, to exempt his deputies rebellion against decisions Abadi reform, pointing out that the decisions of the prime minister for Atkhalv Constitution or the law.

He said war told / information /, that "exemption Vice-Presidents of the Republic, under the focus of the law, the owner of a decision exempting them and the abolition of their positions," noting that "the Prime Minister's decision to cancel these positions is to Ahikhalv law, the Constitution and the infallible response to these decisions being issued by the owner of the highest authority in the state."

He added that "dissatisfaction Presidency of the Republic on Abadi's decision to exempt positions infallible deputies representing the seed of rebellion against the reformist prime minister decisions that came in line with the aspirations of the Iraqi street, and religious reference ", adding that" the lack of cooperation by the Presidency enter the mazes are indispensable. "

said President of the National Union bloc Kurdistan in the House of Representatives, but Talabani, on Monday, that the President would send a book Fuad Masum, the House of Representatives to inquire about the cancellation of his deputies positions, pointing out that "there is an encroachment on the powers of the President in the recent decisions Abadi. It ended 25 K