Jubouri:Biggest corruption;judges in judiciary 8/10
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    Jubouri:Biggest corruption;judges in judiciary 8/10

    Jubouri: the biggest corruption exists among some judges within the judiciary

    Tomorrow Press / Baghdad: Male head of the competencies MP for the coalition of state law, Haitham al-Jubouri, Monday, that side is the biggest corruption among some judges within the judiciary, expressing his lack of confidence in the implementation of real reforms of the existence of some corrupt judges.

    Jubouri said in a press conference held in the House and attended by "tomorrow Press", "The House of Representatives is keen to pass important legislation, and we demand the parliament reforms more assertive of the government's reforms started by the limited constitutional powers are usually those reforms constrained complete legal legislation" .

    He explained, "We were hoping to be reforms also include a solution to the current government and the formation of a new government of technocrats and that the delegation is demanded by Abadi, not just the upper grades, but also intended advisers and agents", adding that "the circumstances that accompanied the formation of the government at the time was down and Sort part a great minister incompetent ".

    He Jubouri that "real change that you want the masses is the service in the ministries nothing to do with this legislation and the fight against corruption, which has been in most of the ministries run by al-Abadi," warning at the same time be "reform package at the expense of general managers talented experienced and competent, who have become scapegoat for some ministers who isolated them on the pretext that they cause corruption. "

    Jubouri and pointed out that "the judiciary can not be it to be steeled to combat corruption and open previous files and accounting corrupt and negligent before and after the decision, without start itself cleared of all of the dirty corruption is proven by the suspicion of corruption," stressing "the actual need for a real serious to implement reforms and specific timelines. "

    The MP for the rule of law that "without the presence of the timing of the reforms worthless meaning and without, and wait for the government to leave no time limit open for the application of the reforms that we want now, not after the end of the session," stressing "We have many documents to eliminate condemns Judge Jafar Khazraji, but so far has not withdrawn his hand from the presidency of the Court of Appeal makes a statement demanding the judiciary not to exempt the judge from office to insure the ability of the judiciary to open many corrupted files. "

    He asked al-Jubouri, "Are reforms related files and documents of corruption need to be everyone's cooperation? Does will reach ordinary small or large whales who are the cause of corruption and looting of public funds and money laundering?", Calling for a "re-formation of the government, or part of it and purge the judiciary of corrupt judges to be a reassuring message to the demonstrators to their ability to clean up the state institutions ".

    He explained that "the Constitution referred to the President and the Prime Ministers and their deputies, so there will be a constitutional void when it does not have a vice president, although he does not have the powers," warning "to engage in a constitutional violation because of duplication deal with the provisions of the constitution."

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