Expert: decisions Abadi raise the economic level

09/08/2015 23:55

Cancel all these degrees during the month, will reflect positively on the Iraqi street will see economic growth of Iraq.

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: said economist Omar Hashem, Sunday, that the decisions issued by the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi misplaced, because Iraq is going through many crises, especially the economic crisis, would cancel all the places have high grades to raise the economic level in the country.

Omar Hashim said in remarks followed up "obelisk" that "the abolition of the Vice President and the Prime Minister and the protections and all the high grades and feminine ministries with immediate effect in a short period raise the economic level in the country, and this is a good step to end the economic crisis in Iraq."

And the money will revert to the Iraqi income after the implementation of the decisions Abadi, Hashim said, "I can not tell a certain amount of money that will return Iraq to the treasury, but I can say that the cancellation of all these degrees during the month, will reflect on the Iraqi street positive and will see economic growth of Iraq."

Hisham explained that "the Iraqi street needs to services of all kinds, shapes, and these services need cash and the abolition of all those positions by the Prime Minister, would serve the Iraqi street because the people carried out of patience," noting that "Yesterday there were peaceful demonstrations to demand better living and Maybe go out tomorrow revolutionary demonstrations against the government. "

The head of the Iraqi government, Haider al-Abadi, issued a series of important decisions in the framework of political reform, especially the most important Cancel the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister, with reduce the number of protections for all those responsible, and the abolition of the special provisions for the presidencies of bodies and state institutions.

As Abadi face today to open past and current files of corruption under the supervision of a supreme committee to combat corruption is made up of specialists and working principle (Where did you get this), and called on the House of Representatives to ratify it to enable it to conduct the reforms called for by the supreme religious authority demanded by citizens.

Many officials and political blocs have expressed their support for the new reforms, the Vice-President of the Republic Dmenhm Nuri al-Maliki, and Osama Najafi, and Iyad Allawi, while did not appear any of the deputy prime ministers of their position on these decisions.