Hakim block Ebadi: Start from High to Low

By mostafa emed

twelve twenty 8/10/2015

Brother - Baghdad
Demanded citizen bloc led by al-Hakim, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi take realistic measures to fight corruption, and pledged to stand with his side and support his steps designed to hold negligent, they invited him beaten with an iron fist and revealed spoilers.

A member of a coalition of citizen Dr. Mohammed Jamil al-Mayahi, in a press statement issued by his press office has received for News Agency (et) a copy of it : we call on the Prime Minister to work hard and beaten with an iron fist to combat financial and administrative corruption, pointing to the need to take the judiciary role in Accounting and root out the corrupt and the corrupt institutions in the country.

He added that al-Hakim called Mr. Abadi that accelerates the process of anti-corruption and starts from high to low, and the Supreme Council will be supportive and Sanda to those endeavors and there were blocks and parties opposed to that, we will stand with full force with Procedures realism government and real in this regard, noting that all the men of the Supreme Council in the center or the provinces are with the control and auditing, and proven any of Rjalatna has shortened We will be an adversary to him by the Prime Minister, so deal positively with the anti-corruption file and not Tzeysh but make it legal, it would be in response to the demands of the religious authority and demonstrators.

He Mayahi: The Prime Minister honest with the public about blocs and parties that hinder it, if any, not just generalities. "