Making a fundamental pillar to build a state of institutions

8/10/2015 0:00

Economic circles express great satisfaction reforms

BAGHDAD - morning

met with the decisions of the prime minister Haider al-Abadi great satisfaction among circles of economists and those interested in the management of economic affairs, stressing its role in achieving financial abundance of the federal budget, demanding mechanisms of tracing these decisions uproot corruption from its roots.

The prime minister Haider al-Abadi may face yesterday in response to the directives of the Supreme religious authority and the demands of the demonstrators from the Iraqi people Petrhik ministries to reduce costs, and the abolition of the posts of Vice President and the Prime Minister immediately and reduce the comprehensive and immediate in the preparation of protections for all state officials Dmenhm three presidencies, ministers, MPs and special grades and general managers and governors and members of the provincial councils It is their grades.

Economic expert Hassan al-Asadi said the decisions Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi feel citizen that the government tracks the right direction, and is working to develop administrative system on the right track, which is waiting to step into, pointing out that it is not necessarily achieved significant financial and abundance of the budget Alathadah.oadav The elimination of corruption is an urgent need not less dangerous than terrorism, stressing that the eradication of corruption would be of significant financial abundance of the federal budget, particularly investment funds went to check tracks real economic viability of the country.

He stressed that the Prime Minister went to restructure the functional device is an important step, noting that the job description puts the right man in the right place and this leads to the events of financial abundance through the optimal investment returns.

He predicted Asadi continued decline in oil prices this year and next year until the lifting demand for crude oil in the international markets, indicating the possibility of asylum Iraq to external borrowing for the implementation of strategic projects at a time when the world realizes the country's ability to pay its debts.

Deputy Economic Prime Baghdad forum on behalf of Jamil Antoine stressed that These decisions are peaceful economic revolution and the response of the people and call reference normal and issues demands, pointing out that this matter instructs expenses and the foundations of mechanism to give the jobs that the gift is not given to the representatives of the parties but constituted committees for the selection of general managers and advisers, and that these decisions are considered the mainstay of building a state of law based institutions.

He added that the important point to open past and present to bring back the looted Iraqi funds corruption files. Competent in economic affairs Ahmed expensive praised the decisions of the prime minister, calling for follow-up this trend reform program to serve the country and its economy and safe, pointing to the importance of the formation of committees clean working on the follow-up work of the ministries, and the mechanics of spending in all ministries, pointing to the importance of the formation of committees stands for the needs of troops Elements security in the fight against terrorism Aldaasha.

He urged expensive to pursue the reality of the assignment of the joint projects is important in the process of building the country and the provision of services to the citizen, who often wait in vain. Iraqi industrial assembly Chairman Abdul Hassan Shammari pointed out that the country is in dire need of such decisions aimed at improving the paths of the State Administration, and keep it away from the specter of corruption that hangs over most of the joints, and the advancement of industrial production requires such right decisions.

Member Baghdad Economic Forum Jassim Al Aradi said This harmony between the government and the reference to the benefit of the country, stressing that it decisions heartening and eliminate the extravagant unjustified money, and reduces sagging career, pointing out that after this stage requires work on a road map for the advancement of the Iraqi economy where you started? And how ?, and we need to reduce government institutions.

Economic expert Dr Majid picture said the reforms called for by the Council of Ministers in the package of reform decisions taken yesterday from the campaign will contribute to the development of a new work for the government and ministries. In turn, economic researcher said the state just that it is unreasonable that the wasted portion of Iraq's money on the positions of services not provided directly to the citizens, referring them to call Abadi to cancel the posts of Vice-President and Minister.

Said in a statement the "morning" that the decision of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi should be firm in the fight against corruption and resurrection of economic reforms that would provide sums of public finances to employ them in the correct destinations.

The specialist in economic affairs Karim Mustafa said "morning" It's a first step correct the direction of economic reform, and the reform says a reformist symbols , former Prime Minister of Singapore to Akouano "reform, such as cleaning of peace must start from top to bottom."

He added Mustafa await further steps throwing administrative system and cut root out corruption, to increase the effectiveness of the state apparatus and cut costs.

It is well known as stated in the media that we have today More details four thousand Director General of the more than 700 Deputy Minister, in addition to an army of inspectors general. "

The expert explained, "and such a large number of staff with privileges that weigh heavily on public spending, as well as the salaries and privileges level is a stumbling block in the way of job performance for employees in the state and citizens in general where it is not fair to the presence of these large differences in people with senior positions privileges and supplier of the average citizen. "

The MP Mohammed Allkash to a partial task that that the previous governments, if I listened to the directives of the Supreme reference to what befell the country all these misfortunes, pointing out that the opportunity today favorable to the government of Prime Dr. Haider Abadi Minister to take bold and courageous decisions consistent reference and guidance aimed to prepare a comprehensive reform programs and work to implement them as soon as possible and to get rid of the deteriorating situation by tampering with people's money.